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Best tips for a mosquito free vacation

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Mosquitoes are just the worst. Not only are mosquito bites incredibly irritating, but their bites can also transmit some pretty scary diseases like dengue, zika, and chikungunya just to mention a few. Mosquitoes are certainly a threat, but there are relatively effortless ways to lower your chances of getting bitten. 

If you are planning to visit soon, keep yourself safe with these six mosquito-fighting tips. 

Keep your home and surroundings clean

Mosquitoes lay their eggs just above, on, or near stagnant water. Be sure to empty water in containers and check your plants, remember bromeliads that hold water in their core are prohibited in Casa de Campo. 

To keep mosquitoes out of your house, install wire mesh or nylon screens on doors and windows. We have some nice rental properties that are totally screened. 

Regular fumigation also stops mosquitoes from breeding. 

Use natural repellents at home

A range of products, from incense sticks to scented candles and essential oils, to keep your house mosquito-free and smelling nice. 

Dress to protect

Dark colors tend to attract mosquitoes and other insects. Choose lightweight and light-colored garments that help you stay cool while covering your body. Clothing can be treated with permethrin for added protection. (but do not use permethrin directly on your skin.) 

Use insect repellent

Mosquitoes are attracted by a combination of sight and the smell of the odors emanating naturally from our skin. Insect repellents work on the basis of creating a barrier between our skin and the mosquitoes. Make it a habit to spray your body with a DEET containing repellent, especially around sunset. Mosquitos like cocktail hour too! 

Avoid strong fragrances

Floral or fruity scents and perfumes tend to attract mosquitoes. You might try some scents that are thought to repel (or at least not attract!) mosquitoes, such as citronella, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, or clove. 

Bring out the nets

If mosquitoes still find their way inside despite your e orts to keep them out, mosquito nets for beds can amazingly effective (and romantic!). 

This article was originally published in our Magazine Casa de Campo Living and was contributed by Inge Demyttenaere, villa owner and registered independent broker. To view Inge’s beautiful Real Estate listings visit Caribbean Golf

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