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Banco del Progreso presents their new and improved Casa de Campo American Express® Platinum card

A few weeks ago the Banco del Progreso presented it’s new and updated, Casa de Campo American Express® Platinum card which will now have new and greater benefits. The redesign of the card was made in response to growing interests of the community and following its ten-year success in the market. Luis Pérez, VPA de Marcas Compartidas gave us all the details of what benefits we will be receiving with the card.

This new proposal will provide the cardholder more Membership Rewards points when used to pay your services at Costasur, on all purchases made within the resort that is stores and restaurants and you will even be awarded points when you buy on other local and international stores. The bank also has multiple monthly promotional initiatives throughout the country, and even worldwide, that multiply the number of points you would normally accumulate when using your card. Plus cardholders can sync it with their courtesy card, providing them with discounts that go from 10-30% when used at restaurants, golf, tennis, spa and more!

What is the Membership Rewards Program? It is the rewards program that allows you to accumulate points with your American Express Card. These Points can be exchanged for a wide range of national and international products and services. It is the only rewards program in which points never expire and which also gives you the possibility of buying luxury travel packages, exchanging international purchase certificates, recharging minutes for different telephone companies around the world, purchase airline tickets, concert tickets, cruises, cashback and transferring your points to other loyalty programs; you can even use it to donate to any charity which you hold close to your heart. 

Previously this product was only available to villa owners but now it is also open to residents as well. It’s easy to apply you just need to fill in an application, visit our local Banco del Progreso office or call their customer service center to begin your membership.  Don’t wait any longer and get in contact with one of their representatives! The Casa de Campo Platinum Card from American Express promises a new layer of luxury!

The gallery of photos below was taken during the presentation of the new and updated Casa de Campo American Express® Platinum card on April 28th:

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