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Ballet “Don Quijote” at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater

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don_quijote_ivonne_zellerOne of the most awaited events in each December at Altos de Chavón is the ballet presentation from the Elizabeth P. de Zeller ballet academy and this year, Ivonne Zeller (Director of the academy), will present “Don Quijote”. 

Founder of the academy, Elizabeth P. de Zeller, started this tradition over 40 years ago. This presentation showcases all of the effort and passion students in the academy devote to dancing ballet, with a beautiful presentation each December in the Altos de Chavón amphitheater and simultaneously, highlighting the importance of helping our community through donating the funds raised to the Hogar de Ancianos Padre Abreu (the local retirement center).

Every student in the academy participates in this annual presentation, from the adorable toddlers to the most experienced dancers.

“Don Quijote” is a Spanish play with feisty dances and intricate choreographies, directed by Ivonne Zeller – so be ready to be blown away by the spirited dancing and attitude that is in store for you. The beautiful production is organized by the amazing team of Ivonne Zeller, Magda Zeller de McCabe and Karina Abreu.

Don Quijote

When: Friday December 5th, 7:30pm

Where: Altos de Chavón amphitheater

Cost: RD$ 200 p/p

Contact: (809)523-2424


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