Regreso a Clases virtuales

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We have started a new school year, full of challenges for both parents and children, which drives us to change, innovate, and move forward. As parents we know that there are many concerns regarding this school year, so we have researched and sought out some tips that we are already putting to the test and we are sure can also help you.

For many families, the online learning experience this spring was acceptable at best; the adaptation process was a challenge not only for children but also for parents, teachers, and schools that struggled to adapt their respective face-to-face curricula to the online environment.

Below we leave some useful tips for both the little ones, as well as the oldest in the house.

1 – The first thing we must do is work in creating a habit to study at home by defining schedules. We can make a calendar of activities together with our children by placing motivational phrases, start and end time so that our children do not forget what is expected of them while at home.

2 – Not only children need a schedule for their classes they also need our time, it is good that we add in our agenda a time to study with our children, ask them what they have learned or if they need our help, this way the child will feel supported and in case of frustration we will find out in time to help you. That is important during the first weeks of class until they get used to this new routine mainly with the little ones.

3 – Let’s help with them with good nutrition and exercises, this clears their heads, give them an energy boost, and releases tension, which will allow our child to study better.

4 – It is important to prepare an area in the house that is only for studying, just as we all have an office to work in, our child or teen needs their space.

5 – Another thing that can help us to keep children focused and/or motivated is to create a reward system, either placing stickers for each achievement on a chart with the child’s name or writing it down on a piece of paper or whatever you prefer. The goal is for the child to know that if they complete their homework for the week in the end according to the number of stickers they will be rewarded for example with a trip to the beach or movie night that weekend.

6 – Help your child’s learning experience by using different media such as with interactive games that promote learning, logical thinking, and calculations, as well as watching educational programs with them.