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Jacqueline of JB Holistic grew up in Casa de Campo and although currently living in Texas, she is still a regular visitor to our Caribbean paradise and is well known and loved by the Casa de Campo community. In fact during Jacqueline’s last trip to Casa de Campo, she was pregnant – which was celebrated with a baby shower at the Casa de Campo villa of Phyllis Berney (click here for photos). And now that Jacqueline’s baby, Annabelle has been born, she has begun blogging about the experience of being a ‘new born mother’ with a passion to provide other mothers with tips and advice on how to keep your baby happy and healthy!

Every few weeks (as the demands of motherhood will allow), we will be publishing a new post ‘Baby Steps’ from Jacqueline, with her useful insights and natural remedies for dealing with the everyday challenges of being a mother!

To begin with however, here is an introduction to Jacqueline and her little princess, Annabelle:

My most important job is being a mom to my gorgeous 5 month old daughter, Annabelle. I’m also a holistic health counselor and a full time teacher in the public school system – which means I’m busy and tired! I always try to go the natural and organic route when looking after myself, so of course I want no less for Annabelle!

I’ve just started my own blog ( to share my experience of trying to be the best mom I can, using as many natural and holistic remedies as I can, whilst trying to lose the dreaded ‘baby weight’ and of course bragging about my little angel (I wouldn’t be a mom if I didn’t) – if I think something is worth sharing, about all things baby, I’ll post about it there and every few weeks we’ll keep you updated on my latest baby successes, triumphs and dilemas here with my ‘Baby Steps’ post.

Please share your tips as well – the more information we have the better off we are!

Thank you Jacqueline! We look forward to hearing about all your successes (or rather Annabelle’s) soon!
You can check out Jacqueline’s blog now here: