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Azimut Café’s Sunset Jazz Night with a look at the Chris Craft Catalina 29

Azimut Café - Chris Craft

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Sunset Jazz Night is back this coming Friday, November 25th with a lot of exciting news. Guests who come to the evening at Azimut Café in the Marina, Casa de Campo will be able to board the Chris Craft Catalina 29 and check out its standout features. Come hear the winner details of the “Arte y Nautica” project for the Azimut Verve 40, a project completed by the students of the Chavón School of Design.

The Catalina 29 is the largest of the center console fish boasts in the Christ Craft line and boasts a pair of commanding captain’s chairs so two can enjoy the view. It is built in 2016 and features two engines, a beam of 3.10 m, and fuel capacity of 220 gallons. It accommodates 9 passengers, and provides great space for extended fishing trips and a comfortable dining area for drinks, games, and taking in the sun.

Azimut Café - Chavón

As part of the “Arte y Nautica” project, Chavón students designed colorful, computer generated designs for the hull of the Azimut Verve 40, a personalization the students were tasked with inventing for a modern look. With hulls typically painted white, cream or navy, students thought out of the box and generated ideas incorporating flowers, graffiti, and maritime themes in striking, bold colors. Clients who are interested in customizing their boat with one of these looks can have the design completed at the IBC Shipyard!

Azimut Café - Chavón

The 1st place prize award is US $300 and 2nd place is US $200.* Come hear the winner details of the “Arte y Nautica” project for the Azimut Verve 40, board the Catalina 29 and listen to live music by Bossa Nova! Definitely not a night to miss, mark your calendars for this coming Friday, November 25th.

Azimut Café - Sunset Jazz

What: Sunset Jazz Night

When: Friday, November 25th, 2016

Where: Azimut Café at the Marina, Casa de Campo

Time: 6:00 – 9:00pm

* This article previously stated the 1st place prize to be US $1,000 and 2nd place US $500 which were incorrect.

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