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The Auditorium of the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) was where the awards ceremony corresponding to the best Design Project of the Future Facilities of La Romana Family Clinic by the architecture students of the aforementioned university took place as part of the agreement signed between Clínica de Familia La Romana and Universidad Iberoamericana. Authorities and executives of the School of Architecture of UNIBE as well as the La Romana Family Clinic were present at this event. The aim of the contest was to have the ideal design, which will integrate the appropriate spaces to provide comprehensive health services and administrative areas, in the new La Romana Family Clinic building.

The students of architecture, all of the seventh semester, corresponding to the period September-December 2018, presented their proposals with plans as well as a digital blueprint, capturing a concept of systematized and constructive design. The content of the preliminary draft had the set of blueprints, as well as the architectural plans that included all the technical specifications such as furniture, equipment, landscaping, accessibility, and facade of the infrastructure. Likewise, they should focus on the user, improving the quality of the service and using technology to aid with energy saving with the installation of the solar panels.

The twenty seven proposals were presented to the staff of the Family Clinic and then a committee made an assessment of each project. The selection became very difficult since each project had some striking component and many showed impressive creativity. Finally, on the night of January 30, 2019, the winners were announced. The first place was given to Francis Frometa, for carrying out the project with a better distribution of space and simple design, which is adapted to the population to which the Family Clinic cares for. The second place was obtained by Moisés García, for carrying out a project with good lighting and ventilation. The third place was awarded to Vivian Ferrari, for its elegant and modern design, which facilitates the flow of users, including green areas. An honorable mention was awarded to the student, Shantal Jerez, for her work with good integration with nature. Similarly, gifts were given to the professors who supervised the projects, the architects Germán Pérez Linval, Juan Rufino Castillo and José Marion Landais and the Director of the School of Architecture, Arq. Jesús D’Alessandro Martínez.

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