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As host of the next Café de la Leche, Scotiabank will present US$25,000 donation!

xiomara and papo menedez

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xiomara and papo menedezThe next edition of the monthly charitable gathering, “Café de la Leche” is planned to take place next Friday the 21st of September, 2012 with Scotiabank acting as the generous hosts – during which the bank will be presenting a donation of US$25,000 to the Hogar del Niño organization!

This month the gathering will be celebrated at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club – just steps away from Scotiabank’s branch in the Marina Casa de Campo, which was officially inaugurated 1 year ago. As always the Café de la Leche gathering welcomes everyone who wishes to attend – in exchange for a donation of dried milk, cereals, baby formula or RD$750, to be donated to the Hogar del Niño’s crib room and attendees will enjoy a pleasant early evening drink with nibbles as the sun sets over the Marina Casa de Campo.

Intrigued to find out about Scotiabank’s participation in the event, we spoke to Jean-Pierre Santoni who manages the La Romana and Casa de Campo branches to find out a little more:

jean-pierre santoni“Through our philanthropic global program “Scotiabank Iluminando el Mañana”, we support non-profit organizations that work with child and youth development programs, whether it be through sponsorships and/or donations.

The beautiful work that the Patronato Benefico Oriental has been achieving with the children in La Romana is a prime example of this.

During this Café de la Leche event we will be donating US$25,000.00 to help the organization continue with the development of their educational and care programs for the children and youth of La Romana.

Contributing with Patronato Benefico Oriental and being a part of the La Romana community makes us very proud.”

— Jean Pierre Santoni, manager of Scotiabank La Romana and Casa de Campo

Taking place in popular spot, the Casa de Campo Yacht Club in the Marina Casa de Campo we can be sure that this Café de la Leche will be simply wonderful! We look forward to seeing you all there!

Café de la Leche hosted by Scotiabank

When: Friday September 21st, 5pm – 7pm

Where: The Casa de Campo Yacht Club, Marina Casa de Campo

Contribution: Milk, formula, cereals or RD$750

Info and reservations: 809-523-8901, [email protected]

About the Café de la Leche

cafe de la leche

The Cafe de la Leche is a monthly charitable event, a little like a coffee or a tea party held for the ladies of Casa de Campo (although men are occasionally invited) and usually takes place on the first Friday of the month, hosted by a member of the Casa de Campo villa at her Casa de Campo villa or occasionally restaurant/business.

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