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i-MHDrvCd-LLast Thursday, November 19th, the young, talented Alma Peguero, Thomas Pichardo and Luis Valverde launched the art exhibition, “Artists in Residence Fall 2015” with a cocktail at The Gallery in Altos de Chavón. The program “Artists in Residence” aims to promote educational and cultural exchange between Dominican and foreign artists who live and work in Altos de Chavón for three months, and concludes with an exhibition at The Gallery. The impressive creations of these artists were dispersed throughout, where many members of the Casa de Campo community, artists, and students from the School gathered to enjoy a fantastic evening. Those present were able to admire a great collection of works, including Alma Peguero’s paintings, which channeled a spiritual nature and approach to life. Her abstract pieces are a reflection of her thoughts, internal struggles and search for peace. i-CV2nKZm-L In speaking with Alma, she conveyed the following description of her work: My paintings, on this occasion, are personal conversations with myself. Conversations full of silences, silences that are empty spaces. Each painting is a kind of conclusion regarding a specific topic in which I have been thinking. – Alma Peguero Luis Valverde showcased a technical display using a transparency projector as a tool for people to work with geometric shapes. The most intriguing part of his exhibition was the dark room where he projected music and graphics onto 3D objects. i-wRqvgk4-L He offered the following description to illuminate his work: Basic geometric shapes are introduced into a three-dimensional space using light as the element to explore ways of interaction through video mapping. Tetra explores existing connections between the triangle, square and circle using light projections and animation. – Luis Valverde Lastly, Tomas Pichardo worked with deconstructing cardboard to create phenomenal pieces that reflected his interpretation of social and political issues. Using black ink on cardboard he depicted the evil of historic events. i-H3jdQDt-L Tomas describes his collection as: The first part of a series of explorations and studies on the origin of evil and how it is going to affect the course of history. This first part focuses on the atomic bomb used in Hiroshima / Nagazaki and its consequences for humanity. – Tomas Pichardo Over the next two weeks, take the time for yourself to visit these remarkable works held at the The Gallery at Altos de Chavon. The exhibition remains open until December 12th. The following photos were taken by Mariana Heredia during the opening cocktail of Artists in Residence, on Thursday, November 19th: