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Artists in Casa: Leopoldo Maler

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Leopoldo Maler, a successful and recognisable Argentinian artist with more than 4 decades of experience, lives right here in Casa de Campo and is a friendly and popular face on the Casa de Campo social scene – in fact I’m sure many/most of you already know him!

As a longtime resident of Casa de Campo Leopoldo has been friends with my good ‘friend’ Philip for many years and as such we were recently invited to Leopoldo’s house for a drink – and what an experience it turned out to be!

Leopoldo’s home is located across the Chavon river – to get there you have to catch a small boat from the dock by Rio Marina and journey across the river, which was rather exciting! And when we jumped out of the boat I was amazed – the house feels and looks a little like a castle and inside is his own personal museum or art gallery, it’s quiet simply incredible!

Whilst in his home, Leopoldo was kind enough to give us a tour of all his artwork and he following photos were taken during my visit……

Leopoldo’s ‘living room’ displays centuries of his artwork

Leopoldo Maler – a (very) brief biography
Leopoldo was born in Argentina and studied Law in Buenos Aires, before moving to London for 18 years, where he worked for the BBC, created installations, sculptures and incorporated them into films as well as creating performances for many of London’s theatres, and exhibited his work all over the world from Centro Pompidou in Paris to the Centre for Interamerican Relations in New York. In 1977 he was granted the Guggenheim Fellowship for Arts and in 1983 moved to Casa de Campo to be the first dean of studies for the Altos de Chavon school of design. In 1988 he co-founded the Napa Contemporary Arts Foundation. His works can be found in major museums and private collections across Latin America and Europe. Leopoldo continues to create new pieces, from his home across the river from Casa de Campo, many of the pieces you will see in my photos are of his most recent pieces.
This is only a VERY brief summary of Leopoldo, to read more about Leopoldo and see a more complete collection of photos of his works, please visit his website:

One of Leopoldo’s most recent pieces

Most of Leopoldo’s ‘paintings’ are actually in 3D, like the one below:

If anyone would like to visit Leopoldo’s private collection at his home, please contact us and we MAY be able to arrange it for you.

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