Original painting from the nineties by Dominican Republic master artist Ramón Oviedo.

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The Altos de Chavón Gallery and the artist Oscar Abreu announce the launch of the ARTFORO Magazine, on September 18, in the main hall of the Altos Chavón Gallery at 7:30 at night. The presentation of the magazine will take place during the opening of a collective exhibition of prestigious artists from Puerto Rico Carlos Santiago, Félix Bonilla Gerena, Carlos Romaguera, from France Georges Thevenet and from the Dominican Republic Ramón Oviedo, Freddy Javier stand out , Ney DiazH, Iris Pérez and Oscar Abreu himself.

“With this exhibition, we officially begin the campaign of the International ARTFORO Fair, which we will take place at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Santo Domingo on December 2019 and will be a posthumous tribute to the memory of Don Miguel Cocco for the great support that he always provided artists and the strengthening of art, culture and collecting in the country,” stated its director, the artist Oscar Abreu.

We present small comments from each of the participating artists:

Carlos Santiago is an outstanding artist, who declares that: “My proposal is intended to go to the depths of my memories and origins; Along with this, I conceptually explore how to unite the past and the present in order to provide a visual and reflective panorama of our past and our links, while reliving memories and rescuing my oral history. ”

– We have the impression or feeling that Félix Bonilla Gerena is still painting the work in front of us. In this case, the work is not only a term as an artistic product, the limit or the end of a material thing, but also a physical continuation, highlights art critic William Taylor-Suderman.

Félix Bonilla Gerena

– Delia Blanco describes Carlos Romaguera, “Thus, multiplied the tip and the point create a tessitura, a composition in which the brightness of color prevails. We are facing red, ocher, earth colors. It is obvious that it is an existential work not to say existentialist ”.

Georges Thevenet uses a unique marquetry inspired by European cabinetmakers of the fifteenth century, a combination of many small pieces of mixed wood, to create extraordinary furniture made of unique pieces, all signed and provided with its Certificate of Authenticity, useful and artistic at the same time, like what he calls a particular testimony of the history of Santo Domingo, emphasizes Marcos Rodríguez.

– About Ramón Oviedo, María Elena Ditrén states: “An essential artist in the study of the history of Dominican art, the teacher Ramón Oviedo, as the subject of history, has not only contributed in his time, this one that we have had to live, but that the deep testimony of his work, with all its possibilities of self-affirmation of a work that transcends time and allows him and us, to create new realities as a result of imagination and the manifestation of infinite parallel universes that accompany our existence and those inner worlds that cohabit in our conscience… ”

Iris Perez – Dominican artist
Iris Perez – Dominican artist

– Raysa White describes Freddy Javier work, His art went beyond the aesthetic function, delving into the suffering of the less favored, the pain of inoperance, disappointment and helplessness. With that dough he set the core of his expression.

– Fernando Casanova describes Ney Diaz H, “Figures that make us close to the anguish of living in the wrong time and place. Energetic works, of great drama, of very marked contours, very typical of the best expressionism. Colorful stranger and some violence contained. The indistinct use of almost all colors, and a slight predilection for pink, black and green tones, make his palette a source where he was going to drink without much attention ”,

– And about Iris Perez Antonio J. Canela-Ruano points out “Among the plastic qualities of Iris, the most obvious is perhaps his great technical mastery of drawing, the absolute protagonist of his figurative and personal art. His strokes, absolutely identifiable, show his temperament or artistic and his personality, and at the same time have an immense ability to convey feelings, emotions, images and narratives. ”

Oscar Abreu

– On the other hand, the historian and art critic Cándido Geron highlights “Actually, OscarAbreu’s painting proposes plastic values ​​and is affected by all the means of expression. Its evocative diversity rehearses certain calm and silent parallels. Sometimes, it reflects an indulgent illusion as if it were born from the memory and, in other cases nostalgic reminiscences in its particular anathemas ”.

Collective exhibition in La Galeria, Altos de Chavón

When: Wednesday, September 18, 7:30 pm

Where: Altos de Chavón main gallery

What: Collective exhibition by Artforo; Puerto Rican artists Carlos Santiago, Félix Bonilla Gerena, Carlos Romaguera, Frances Georges Thevenet and Dominicans Ramón Oviedo, Freddy Javier, Ney DiazH, Iris Pérez and Oscar Abreu.