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Now that Christmas is just around the corner, on Friday the 19th of October 2012, the Cultural Altos de Chavon Foundation and “Fundación Falcondo” will be celebrating the opening of the new art exhibit “Natividad” (Nativity), presented by the Santos de Palo de Bonao Group as part of their Christmas celebration and YOU are invited to take part at the Altos de Chavon art gallery!

With the arrival of one of the most wonderful times of the year; Christmas, it also brings a big dilemma of what gifts can we give to our family and friends, but taking advantage of the magnificient facilities of the Altos de Chavon art gallery and presence of the many loving La Romana and Casa de Campo members of the communities, as well as many art lovers, the Santos de Palo de Bonao Group decided that its a great opportunity to promote the importance and magic of Christmas, showcasing their wonderfully creative and the beautiful pieces created by artists who belong to this group.

An ancestral tradition in the Dominican Republic, which goes back to the colonial times, the “Santos de Palo” – carved pieces of wood, represent an important aspect of the religious, social, artistic and cultural history of the Dominican Republic.

To help generate income for the province of Monseñor Nouel, the Fundación Falcondo aims to rescue the important tradition of carving the the “Santos de Palo”, as well as supporting the development of the market – so that these pieces may reach national and international collectors alike- which will result in the increase in the total income for the artists of this region.

In the year 2007, UNESCO recognized the Santos de Palo de Bonao Group with a “Seal of Excellence” for the excellent quality of their work as artists – making this exhibit a must-see and these “Santos de Palo” sculptures fabulous pieces for your collection!

Here are all the details:

Opening for New Art Exhibit “Natividad: Santos de Palo de Bonao”

When: Friday October 19th 2012, 7pm

Where: Altos de Chavon Art Gallery

The new art exhibit “Natividad: Santos de Palo de Bonao” will be open until December the 12th open daily from 8am – 5pm (except for Tuesdays).

Currently on display: “100 tiles cerámicas” by Wilfredo Torres 

On Thursday the 13th of September 2012, the Altos de Chavón art gallery celebrated the opening of new art exhibit “100 tiles cerámicas”, a wonderful collection of hand painted ceramic tiles featuring brightly colored flowery and feminine designs, as well as comical representations of famous faces such as Michael Jackson and even Charlie Chaplin.

This art exhibit closes on October 15th.

Click here for photos and coverage of the opening of “100 tiles cerámicas”