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On Sunday, March 19th, 24 students and their teacher Jonathan Schmidt arrived at Altos de Chavón. The students were part of a week-long Illustration workshop that took place in the artists’ village.

Early in the morning, the students were seen together with their teacher whilst discussing the days’ agenda and later on drawing all around Chavón and in the Student Center taking classes.

When referring to the illustration workshop Jonathan Schmidt (Coordinator of the career and Fine Arts Graduate, 2003) says: “This is not about making ‘pretty drawings’. It is about extracting inspiration from everyday life, and not seeing illustration only as something commercial, but as a lifestyle”.

Jonathan invites the students to think outside of the box: “When they tell me that they have made a bad drawing, I tell them: You know what? Make it worse.” 

It was wonderful to once again see Chavoners in action around Altos de Chavón! Hope to see them back soon!