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AquaPro: Everything for your Pool

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AquaPro specializes in equipment, services, and chemicals for swimming pools, and has opened its new showroom next Jumbo in La Romana. The refined property is very functional and here you can learn about the various types of equipment and how they work giving buyers the ability to assess before investing in the high-end technology.

With more than 25 years in the market, AquaPro has an extensive list of equipment and quality personalized service. Pentair, an internationally renowned group leader in the production of equipment for residential and commercial pools, is one of the top brands they carry. All Pentair equipment bears the mark Eco Select, with a promise to save energy, conserve water and reduce emissions, noise and the use of chemicals thus ensuring healthier water together with a sustainable maintenance that respects our planet.

They also offer automation systems, which allow you to program and operate all the necessary functions of any type of pool such as filtering, heating, pool lighting and the environment, disinfection, waterfalls, and fountains. AquaPro has the latest generation of Smart Pumps designed to maximize comfort and efficiency. Its modern hydraulic constitutes a breakthrough for saving energy. Made with modern, more resistant materials and with a new design, they are equipped with remote controls and can be operated through an iPhone App. They meet international safety standards and care for swimmers by automatically shutting down if it detects an obstruction in the drain. It is also the quietest pump on the planet!

Salt Chlorinators use regular cooking salt and, by means of an electrolysis process, make chlorine. This represents a modern and efficient alternative to chlorine, since they are much more respectful of the environment, eliminating damage to your skin and requiring much less maintenance. With a salt chlorinator, you will be able to enjoy a completely different experience when using your pool: the water feels softer and silkier plus hygiene is fully guaranteed. Say goodbye to the smell of chlorine, itchy skin, the burning sensation in your eyes and the discoloration of swimsuits! Those are all things of the past with Salt Chlorinators!

AquaPro also offers everything you need to convert your pool in your favorite place in your property: filters, LED lighting, water decor, gas heaters and high-performance heat pumps. And everything is energy efficient and durable. You will find the best ideas for your pool and have experts helping you along the way.

AquaPro provides maintenance service to the most beautiful villas in the area and sells the best products for water care, including natural clarifiers, shock treatments, and pH balancers.


Where: Ave Libertad esq. Castillo Marquez, Plaza Green House #1 La Romana

Tel: 809.550.6333 

Email: [email protected]

Hours: 8:00 – 12:00, 2:00 – 6:00 

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