Featured Image — McDaniel Tennis Tournament Big Success

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Group Photo — McDaniel Tennis Tournament Big Success

The McDaniel’s Tennis Tournament played from Thursday, February 25th through Saturday 27th was an excellent source of friendly competition in the name of a wonderful cause. Many from the Casa de Campo community came out to support the McDaniel Family Foundation’s initiatives and see the close matches between the ball boys and instructors of La Romana Country Club and La Terrazza Tennis Club.

Expectators — McDaniel Tennis Tournament Big Success

The new doubles format was well received by players and spectators as there were more opportunities to catch exciting volleys and rallies from more players on the courts. Sports fans sat with a perfect view on the sideline of the main court, where in the final competition a fierce battle took place between Wilson Johnson and Andy Martes versus Nando Botello and Keury Herrera. The three sets were: 6-1, 2-6, and 6-6! Unbelievable! Two very well matched teams. The thrilling 7-4 tie breaker is what put Wilson Johnson and Andy Martes over the edge for the win.

Players — McDaniel Tennis Tournament Big Success

The awards ceremony followed the tournament, gathering the sponsors, players, ball boys and their families at the La Romana Country Club. Rick McDaniel gave words of appreciation for everyone’s support and excitement as the foundation is able to continue providing Player’s Health Insurance, all the Ball Boy’s Scholarships, the Player’s Prize Money, and two College Scholarships! This year, they raised US$54,000!!!

Awards — McDaniel Tennis Tournament Big Success

In this 11th year anniversary, they also noted that by conducting a reduced cost conscious program, they were able to eliminate last year’s deficit and will enter 2017 in sound standing. Congratulations to the winners and all the players, sponsors, and supporters for a successful and wonderful McDaniel Tennis Tournament 2016! Remember, it’s never too late to donate! See the sponsorship options below.

The following photos were taken by Mariana Heredia on Saturday, February 27th at the La Romana Country Club for the tennis finals and awards ceremony:

McDaniel Tennis Teaching Pro’s Tournament Sponsorship Options: Corporate Sponsorship:
  • Major Sponsor: USD$10,000
  • Benefactors: USD$5,000
  • Founders: USD$2,500
  • Directors: USD$1,500
  • Patrons: USD$1,000
  • Supporters: USD$500
  • Associates: USD$300
Individual Sponsorship:
  • FOUNDER: US$10,000
  • DIAMOND: US$5,000
  • PLATINUM: US$3,000
  • GOLD: US$1,500
  • SILVER: US$1,000
  • BRONZE: US$750
  • ESMERALD: US$500