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Andrew Nemr “Historias Contadas en Pie” this Saturday Jan.18th

Tap dancing

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Tap dancingDo you know anything about Tap dancing? Well if you don’t be ready to learn all about it, as we cordially invited you to “Historias Contadas en Pie” a cultural tap dancing social gathering by tap Dancer Andrew Nemr  being celebrated at Río Salao this Saturday the 18th of January.

Tap shoesThis interesting and complimentary activity at Río Salao specifically at the “Cancha Enrique Henriquez” is aimed for all of those with an interest in tap dancing.

We are sure it will be a great event to enjoy right before the much-awaited MIR Magical Splendor for Life event, also taking place this Saturday from 8pm at Casa Grande.

It will also be a great chance to see the beautiful progress of the Río Salao project, a colorful transformation to make the area a nicer and safer place to live, but also to transform it into a tourist attraction. Click here to read more about the Río Salao project. Andrew will also be at La Caña by Il Circo this Sunday 19th, 9pm for another Tap dancing presentation.

So come and join us to witness this excellent tap dancer with great abilities for dancing in a day that is going to be for sure epic!

Historias Contadas a Pie by Andrew Nemr

When: Saturday January 18th, 5pm

Where: Enrique Henriquez court, Río Salao

Cost: Free

About Andrew Nemr 

AndrewHe is a Lebanese/American Dancer and director of the tap dance company Cats Paying Due, he is also co-founder of the Tap Legacy Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of oral traditions and building a cultural center dedicated to tap dance.

He has performed with Les Paul, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, The Lionel Hampton Orchestra, Nat Adderly, Jr. Harry Connick, Jr. Clark amongst many others. He has been influenced by many other successful tap dancers including Eddie Brown, Harold Cromer, Dr. Bunny Briggs, Dr. Jimmy Slyder and Gregory Hines. He is a card-carrying honorary member of the Original Copasetics Inc.


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