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This past Friday, November 30th 2012, Malele Strofer celebrated the opening of her new art exhibit “Caribe Michero with a twist” at the Jenny Polanco Project at the Casa de Río in Altos de Chavón – a beautiful reflection of “Miches” – the paradise of the East.

Miches, where the name Micheros derives from, is a small fishing town in the El Seibo province of the Dominican Republic. The crystal blue waters are characterized by its virginity and pureness; no wonder it’s called the “paradise” of the East. It is from here that the artist, Olivette Santoni (Malele), took the name for her exhibition “Caribe Michero with a twist”. For many years Malele has been vacationing here with her family – enjoying many wonderful moments, which she expresses through her art work.

“Caribe Michero” painting by Malele Strofer

Upon entering the exhibition I was struck by a painting hung in the entrance where the indisputable love for movement, especially for waves, beach wave was undeniable. The room was lit up with the “recycled bottles” and beautiful wall paintings. The paintings of the exhibit “Caribe Michero” were an exquisite depiction in acrylic, where the use of green, blue and yellow tones met in a geometric, linear, rectangular and circular motion. Each one of the pieces created for this exhibition reflected humor, freshness and the ocean.

Miches, is a place I escape to with my family. It is our small eden – a place that only brings the best of the memories. Memories of my beloved father, of where I grew up, my children running around, the whole family sharing the fondest memories. To this comes the expression of my art; my paintings. At the same time the ‘recycled lamps’ are recycled bottles that have been collected through the years in remembrance of the good times spent among family and friends. “Opening” a bottle can only mean you are surrounded by good company, and willing to have a good time. My art, expresses my utmost happiness.

— Malele Strofer, artist “Caribe Michero with a Twist”

The exhibition was full of Casa de Campo villa owners, guests, lots of new faces and of course famous Dominican designer Jenny Polanco, who never stopped smiling! In the corner of the room was a guitar player, who helped create a perfect ambiance with his soft music. The impeccable view of the river in the fading daylight was a sight to behold, whilst the “sweets” table attracted quite a crowd – unable to resist the temptation! Creativity was in the air, as Jenny’s “bartender” created magical artwork with glasses, water and fruits that adorned the bar area. Attendees not only had a chance to mingle, but had time to shop around and appreciate the fine art works that provided a unique vision of the nature of the Dominican Republic and the sea. It was a beautiful night amongst family and friends that felt exactly as described by Malele herself – “eden”. The following collection of photos were taken during the inauguration of “Caribe Michero with a Twist” at the Jenny Polanco Project in Altos de Chavón on Friday November 30th: 
Jenny Polanco Project: where fashion meets traditional arts and crafts jenny polanco The Jenny Polanco Project store in Altos de Chavón is quiet possibly the best place in Casa de Campo (and La Romana) to purchase unique, traditional and handmade arts and crafts. In store you will find hand carved plates and models, genuine Haitian and Dominican paintings, traditional Dominican carnaval masks, wicker bowls and baskets, wooden table decorations and even furniture – all hand made by skilled Dominican, Haitian and Caribbean craftsman.

“Project is an art space designed to support the Caribbean crafts, in order to promote hand made design and workmanship in our countries”

— Jenny Polanco, Dominican designer

Alongside the traditional arts and crafts, Jenny Polanco proudly presents her own fashion designs; tropical white linen dresses and blouses with amber detailing perfect for the warm Caribbean weather, stylish purses and fashionable jewelry. Jenny Polanco Project Casa del Rio, Altos de Chavón Open daily: 9am – 6pm Tel: 809-925-1899
jenny polancoAbout Jenny Polanco Jenny Polanco is a Dominican fashion designer with over 30 years experience in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Paris and New York. Her “Pret a Porter” (ready to wear) and Couture designs are most popular for being sophisticated yet simple, classic and easy to wear – enhanced by typically Dominican “touches”, such as buttons crafted from amber, horn, larimar, mother of pearl and coral. You can shop Jenny Polanco in Casa de Campo at both the Marina Casa de Campo and Altos de Chavón as well as in Santo Domingo at Blue Mall, Casa Virginia, Bella Vista Mall and in the Colonial Zone. Click here to read more about Jenny Polanco and her designs