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nine circus

NINECIRCUS is a unique band. Essentially they are a Dominican rock band, but with a difference; although the 5 members of the band are Dominican, they sing in English and in my opinion are really very good. Eliseo, the lead singer, is not only dreamily handsome (as all good lead singers should be) he is also extremely talented; the few times that I have been lucky enough to hear him sing live I was stunned by the beauty of his voice.

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NINECIRCUS performed in Casa de Campo last January at La Palapa in a LIVE concert called  ‘The Ultimate Rock Show’ which was massively successful and a portion of the proceeds for which were donated to the Fundacion MIR. Since then Nine Circus have been extremely busy recording their two newest songs; ‘Stealing Time’ and ‘Hold On To Me’ as well as playing gigs in Santo Domingo.

Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview Eliseo, here’s how it went:

When/where did NINECIRCUS first start?

NINECIRCUS started in 2005, which is when we began writing, composing and recording our own original material. We launched our debut album in 2007

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Who are the other band members?
Eliseo Alba:: Vocals

Peter Prazmowski:: Guitar

Jorge Kourie:: Drums

Nassim Alemany::: Keyboards

Anton Casasnova::: Bass

What has the response to NINECIRCUS been like in the DR?

The response to us in the DR has been very good, although sometimes we are confused for a band from abroad.

How many gigs have you played?

We have played 8 gigs to date. They have all been fantastic. We sold out the Hard Rock Cafe in Santo Domingo twice and we had the chance to open up for Survivor at the Jaragua and we played alongside the producers.

Your new song ‘Hold On To Me’ is in aid of Reef Check, why did you chose to support this particular charity?

The new song is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of the work that Reef  Check is doing in the Dominican Republic. Our shores are a basic component of the well-being of our economy and our ecosystem, we need to protect them.

Any plans to come back and play in Casa de Campo?

We have ben discussing some ideas for future gigs in Casa de Campo, doing something on Isla Catalina is an option and would be very interesting. It would also be good to do something at Genesis.


NINECIRCUS  will be playing at the Amika on October 14th as well as holding a Reef Check fundraiser concert on October the 23rd. We will be publishing full details of the Reef Check concert soon!

In the meantime you can find out more about NINECIRCUS, and/or download their songs visit their website:

Or if you would like to know more about Reef Check then please visit their website: