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The children’s community in Casa de Campo has been growing exponentially in recent years. After the pandemic, many young families have chosen to move to this wonderful paradise to provide their children with security, well-being, and development in direct contact with pure nature, away from the city chaos.

This has given rise to various needs, which have been met through the efforts of the complex’s executives and new ventures, such as Bienchy Sánchez and her Wao Lab by Kids Create.

Wao Lab by Kids Create is a preschool currently located in Altos de Chavón, inspired by the Italian Reggio Emilia philosophy. This new school joins the existing ones within the Casa de Campo complex and in the La Romana province.

What makes this preschool special is its teaching approach based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which utilizes observation and experimentation in children, thereby enhancing their creativity. It also emphasizes the individuality of each child, their abilities, and characteristics, highlighting that there are countless learning styles, and each one should adapt to the individual.

Sánchez says that at Wao Lab by Kids Create, they work based on each child’s interests, as they recognize that each child develops in a different way, even if they are the same age.

They also involve nature as a means to increase the children’s creativity, in which the Altos de Chavón space plays a perfect role.

Sánchez, the director of this preschool, explains that Kids Create School has been operating in Santo Domingo for 30 years, but it was during the COVID-19 pandemic that the need arose to bring it to Casa de Campo due to the impossibility of sending children to school and the concern of many families about continuing their children’s education.

Advantages of the Reggio Emilia philosophy:

  • The way of learning always starts with the children and their interests, promoting essential skills like autonomy in their development.
  • Parents play an active role in the daily experiences they offer their children, which are part of the learning process.
  • Cooperative work provides students with their own and others’ experiences, allowing them to learn from others and themselves.
  • Techniques such as research, problem-solving, or experimentation will provide motivation, interest, and, above all, adapt to the different needs that children may present at any given moment. It will also enhance creativity and different intelligences.


The preschool also offers a summer camp known as Bayacú, where campers have the opportunity to enjoy a culturally rich, sports-oriented, creative, and nature-immersed summer.

Wao Lab by Kids Create accepts children from the age of one to six years old. Classes are taught in Spanish up to two years of age and in English from three years old. The schedule is from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 in the morning to 12:40 in the afternoon.

Although classes for this school year started on September 4th, registrations remain open for anyone who wishes to enroll their child, whether for a day, weeks, or months.