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*UPDATE: NEW DATE!* Amelia Pereyra celebrates Café de la Leche turning 16!

September Café de la Leche
Mariana Heredia

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UPDATE: We’re relieved Hurricane Irma passed over Casa de Campo so gently. Instead of taking place tonight, September’s Café de la Leche will happen TOMORROW, September 9th to reorganize after the storm.

Do you remember the movie Sixteen Candles? It’s one of those classic, coming of age comedies from the 1980s where we can all relate to Molly Ringwald’s shy and love-struck character. For her sixteenth birthday, she just wants dreamy, most-popular boy in school Jake Ryan to give her a kiss. Inspired by the film and Café de la Leche’s sixteen years of support for the Hogar del Niño, Amelia Pereyra invites us to go back to our teens and the prom for a romantic, fun-filled night!

Last year, Café de la Leche celebrated a big year in Latin culture – their Quinceañera, and now it’s time for America’s Sweet Sixteen! Amelia encourages you to wear pink and bring your “pareja”! Relive your tingling teens and the years of nervous butterflies while you enjoy music by the well-known entertainment group, Tonka with Carlos Marcelo.

September Café de la Leche

True to Amelia’s style, the evening no doubt will be beautifully decorated at her Golf Villa #279, and as always she says about her home: “The more the merrier!” Come next Friday, September 8th from 5:00pm — 8:00pm for the Hogar del Niño and leave with a special gift; after all, it is a birthday! 

* Remember to bring your contribution for the babies in the Hogar del Niño’s crib room, RD $1,200 or the equivalent in milk and formula.

Café de la Leche September 2017

What: Amelia Pereyra’s Sixteen Candles Café de la Leche

Where: Golf Villa #279

When: Friday, September 8th *NEW DATE! SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH*

Time: 5:00pm — 8:00pm

Contribution: RD $1,200 or the equivalent in milk and formula

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