Bellas Artes at Altos de Chavón Featured

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Bellas Artes at Altos de Chavón Featured

Altos de Chavón has been the home of Chavón School of Design since 1983, and is the first option for anyone aspiring to pursue a career in art. They have also opened a second campus located in Santo Domingo, where they not only offer the same curriculum but also courses in Continued Education, and Chavón Kids and Teens. This year, starting on February 29th, the Altos de Chavón campus will also have Continued Education and Chavón Kids and Teens.

Now we have a place closer to home where our kids and teens can explore the wonderful world of art. A place where that nourishes hidden talent, and excels at bringing creativity to the surface in people of all ages.

Moda en Altos de Chavón

Since its beginnings, the School of Design at Altos de Chavón is affiliated with Parsons School of Design which was founded in 1896 and is the oldest educational institution in the United States. It is recognized internationally for its academic avant-garde approach and global impact in the field of Art and Design. The faculty is selected from a community of artists and designers, dedicated to academic excellence, and forming successful professionals in a changing and competitive world.

Currently, the campus in La Romana continues to offer its legendary program of Fine Arts, as well as Special Programs (Interín and International Summer).

Bellas Artes en Altos de Chavón

Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll in one of their programs! To do so contact 809-523-8011.

Continued Education Programs

The Continued Education program is designed for adults and will offer short courses such as: Fashion, Fine Art, Interior Design, Graphic & Digital Design and Photography. These courses last 6 to 8 weeks and helps develop the students creativity and skills.

Chavón Kids and Teens

The programs for kids and teens seeks to promote and stimulate the development of creative thinking. Various elements of design are taught during the program such as space, color, shape, texture, value, light and line, through fun two and three dimensional activities adapted to the age and needs of each group.

View the list of Programs available starting on February 29th 2016: