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While the crisp autumn air may feel worlds away from the charming streets of Munich, on October 14, Altos de Chavón will once again embrace the Oktoberfest spirit. Known globally for its celebration of food, beer, and merriment, the German fall festival is set to make a lively return to Casa de Campo.

Although the original Oktoberfest is officially hosted in Munich, Bavaria, and typically draws over six million revelers yearly, Altos de Chavón is all set to put its unique spin on the festivities, capturing the essence of this global celebration.

Kicking off the festivities at 7:00 p.m., guests and residents can anticipate an evening filled with live music, family-friendly activities, diverse national and international beers, and local businesses enhancing the experience with special restaurant menus.

You can look forward to an array of beer options, a BBQ feast, and extended opening hours at museums and shops, all adding a local touch to the event.

The 188th Oktoberfest in Germany witnessed an impressive turnout, attracting an estimated 7.2 million attendees worldwide. As Altos de Chavón gears up for its festival extravaganza, the question is: are you ready for the fun to begin?

Wherever Oktoberfest takes place, one thing remains consistent: the trifecta of live music, delectable cuisine, and generous pints of beer. So, dear revelers, mark your calendars and commit the phrase “Ein Bier, bitte!” to memory – it means “A beer, please!”

To fully immerse yourself in Oktoberfest, here are five essential German words to familiarize yourself with:

  1. Bier – German for beer.
  2. Dirndl – Traditional women’s attire commonly seen at Oktoberfest, consisting of a bodice, blouse, skirt, and apron.
  3. Lederhosen – The customary men’s attire featuring leather trousers, a white shirt, and knee-length socks.
  4. Maßkrug – A quintessential German mug that holds exactly one liter of beer. Order a “Maß” for a substantial pour.
  5. Prost – The German equivalent of “Cheers!” Alternatively, you can go with “Zum Wohl.”

As Altos de Chavón gears up for this vibrant celebration, Oktoberfest enthusiasts can anticipate a blend of local charm and German tradition, promising an enjoyable evening. Save the date and get ready to revel in the timeless allure of this beloved festival.

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Images captured by Mairobi Herrera during the 2022 Oktoberfest at Altos de Chavón.