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The Altos de Chavón Gallery will present, from April 5, the exhibition of the Spanish visual artist based in Santo Domingo Guiomar Álvarez de Toledo.

Álvarez de Toledo, who has resided since the end of 2017 in the country with her husband, the current ambassador of Spain, defines her exhibition as an experimental office of ideas.

“Pinceladas de pasión” is a portrait of his life where he unites his life’s adventures from the books he reads, his travels, mood and lately of the Dominican sky and its intense colors. He likes to innovate and mix materials of different techniques that already exist and transforms them in a different way creating something new.

This exhibition consists of a total of 22 paintings created by the artist, which include everyday issues of the Dominican Republic and animals that she likes so much.

“I wake up in the morning and what I really want is to start painting. My favorite subjects are the animals and the children, because I like the look and the emotion that they transmit, in what lately I reflect the Dominican child. I like to put people to think and they can read the model I paint “said the artist. For her it is important to use first quality materials.

Any material used improperly on the fabrics produces, in the long run, unsuspected effects and the work could deteriorate easily and become something ephemeral. He cares a lot and never skips to use the best and obtain optimal results in each work.

“I’m good at what I do because of how happy it makes me do it. For me, art is freedom, “said Álvarez de Toledo.

This exhibition will be open to the public from May 5 to May 1 from Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 9pm and on Sundays and Mondays from 8am to 5pm.

Coctel de apertura: viernes 5 de abril 6:00pm

Dónde: Galeria de arte Altos de Chavón

Exposición abierta hasta el 1 de mayo