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The Altos de Chavon Cultural Center in Casa de Campo cordially invites you to their upcoming ‘Artists in Residence’ exhibition, featuring artists Jean-Pierre Frey, Esperanza Cortes and Martha Jimenez-Perez. The exhibition will be officially opened this Friday the 17th of April at 7.30pm when guests are invited to view the exhibition as well enjoy complimentary cocktails along with the opportunity to meet fellow art aficionados and possibly the artists themselves.

The exhibit will be at the Altos de Chavon Gallery until the 10th of April. Regular gallery hours are from 9:00am to 9:00pm every day with the exception of Tuesdays when it it closed.

Jean-Pierre Frey is a well-known French portrait artist, who has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and is France’s fifth best-selling painter. Inspired by the beauty of the Dominican Republic he has revived his painting career which he officially ended in 1999, and now enjoys painting landscapes. Expect to see bright tropical paintings of Shanty towns as well as serene natural scenes in blue and green hues. Alongside his paintings Jean-Pierre Frey will be displaying pieces of furniture resurrected from discarded materials from old houses.

Martha Jimenez-Perez is a sculptor and ceramic artist from Cuba who started her career in 1967 and has displayed her work across the world in Cuba, Chile, El Salvador, France, the Dominican Republic and the US. Martha Jimenez-Perez is most famous for her large monumental sculptures, but she will be exhibiting small terracotta ceramic pieces inspired by Cuban women.

Esperanza Cortes, who was born in Columbia, but raised in the US, started her artistic career in 1987 in New York. Her paintings are inspired by her Latin American heritage, many of which contain images from trips to Columbia featuring beautiful tropical landscapes and the female figure. Currently in residence in Altos de Chavon the art she will be displaying in this exhibit focuses on the people, landscape and culture of the Dominican Republic.