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On the evening of September 28, the iconic Altos de Chavón Plaza came alive with jazz, artistry, and cultural immersion during the third installment of Jazzy Nights. This event brought together jazz enthusiasts and art lovers for a captivating experience that left all in attendance enchanted.

Jazzy Nights is an event where live jazz music intertwines seamlessly with the art world, creating a magical atmosphere. This celebration has become a must-attend gathering for those seeking an open-air soirée amidst the balmy autumn nights.

The artistic component of the evening featured the talents of five accomplished artists who graduated from the Altos de Chavón School of Design. These artists painted outdoors in real time, adding a unique visual dimension to the event. Among them, notable names emerged:

  • Mikusy Montana: Hailing from Santo Domingo, he is a pioneer of graffiti art in the country, garnering nationwide recognition.
  • Eric Santos: A versatile artist known for his contributions to cinema and the artistic realm, enriching multiple cultural expressions.
  • Leudy Márquez: Another talent immersed in film and visual arts, whose presence added depth to the night’s artistic tapestry.
  • Enmanuel Jhonson: With a studio in La Romana, he brought his distinct perspective to the event.
  • Argenis Lebrón: An art professor who, in addition to his teachings, infuses the artistic world of Casa de Campo with his creativity.

Aside from fostering cultural enrichment and artistic innovation in Altos de Chavón, this event offers the perfect opportunity to savor pleasant moments with friends or family. Attendees can relish refreshing drinks, engage in conversations, and immerse themselves in the beauty that Altos de Chavón has to offer.

*Photos by Mairobi Herrera