chinois marina casa de campo
On Friday the 30th of March 2012, the Plaza Portofino at the Marina Casa de Campo was visited by quiet a crowd of Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and members of the Casa de Campo – La Romana communities who enthusiastically gobbled up the “all you can eat” special offer at Chinois restaurant – a wonderful and successful evening! With so many members of La Romana and Casa de Campo communities in attendance at Chinois in the Marina Casa de Campo on Friday March 30th, this was the place to be seen! Guests enjoyed an attractive variety of chinese dishes, nicely displayed as a buffet, especially popular were the traditional chicken and vegetable eggrolls, as well as an irresistible variety of sushi, chofán (special Chinese fried rice), among other delicious dishes –  a moment which most attendees saw as a great opportunity to share, greet, laugh and catch up with friends and family. A pleasant surprise for Susana Joa, owner of the Chinois restaurant was the lively presence of numerous Casa de Campo youngsters who, of course, could not resist the temptation to, literally, have “all they could eat” at this wonderful chinese restaurant……definitely a great option before dancing the night away! Below is a selection of photos taken during the “all you can eat” special evening at Chinois in the Marina Casa de Campo:   To see photos and coverage of recent events held at Chinois, please click on the following links: –A fashionable fun Café de la Leche at Chinois in the Marina Casa de Campo! – Welcoming the year of the dragon at Chinois in the Marina Casa de Campo!