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All of the Lights! Night Golf party at the Teeth of the Dog driving range!

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Night Golf is one of those experiences you don’t easily forget. What is it about being out in the evening air hitting golf balls? It’s probably the relaxed setting and just-for-fun attitude. The sun isn’t beating down on our backs and we aren’t as focused on nailing a perfect swing. We may, however, be hoping we can hit a ball through an LED-lit ring!

Night Golf this past Saturday night was an awesome experience, despite a little rain. Held at the Teeth of the Dog driving range, the evening was perfect and filled with neon lights everywhere!

As the sun went down, many Casa de Campo guests and residents headed to the brightly colored driving range set up with glow in the dark lounge chairs and targets. It is quite a unique and fun sight to see! A hip playlist brought golfers into a party mood as they located golf clubs and a set of LED balls that light up on contact unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Throughout the night the Casa de Campo golf department was always there on standby to give the guests tips for improving your game or cheer them on.

The night was fun for the whole family, and we saw adults, parents, and little ones enjoying the chipping and putting contests as well as practicing their swings. There’s nothing more fun than trying to hit a golf ball at brightly lit targets throughout the driving range. Flags were lit up so you knew where you were aiming, and target hoops at the front to try and hit the ball through.

Every Saturday from 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, stop by for music, drinks, food, LED-lit seating and bar, and good times in Casa.  We encourage everyone to join this fun experience that makes any Saturday night worthwhile and totally memorable!

In the meantime, catch the super fun pictures captured below by Mairobi Herrera on Saturday, September 5th at the Teeth of the Dog driving range for Night Golf:


When: Every Saturday! and Private Functions any night of the week!

Where: Teeth of the Dog Driving Range

Time:   7:00pm – 11:00pm

For more information contact: Golf Pro-Shop, (809) 523-8115, or ext. 3187

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