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Louis VuittonThe name Louis Vuitton is synonymous with style and good taste, as is Casa de Campo. So where better to celebrate an afternoon of “estilismo” (style) with Louis Vuitton, than in Casa de Campo? Louis Vuitton 1The Louis Vuitton Styling Event was hosted by Claudia Lasso, manager of the Louis Vuitton store at Blue Mall in Santo Domingo, alongside a new member of our community, Idarmis Cucurullo. Idarmis is herself a broker for Casa de Campo Real Estate, and is also the gorgeous wife of Juan Velázquez, manager of operations for Costasur Dominicano. The gathering took place at Juan and Idarmis’ beautiful Casa de Campo villa in the Marina Casa de Campo, where a small group of Casa de Campo’s most stylish ladies enjoyed champagne and nibbles before being treated to a style workshop, in which we learnt a number of ways to wear a scarf / shawl, as well as how to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses. You see although we may not like to admit it, wearing a scarf (and making it look good) is actually surprisingly difficult. And so this fun workshop led us through how exactly to style the different types of scarfs and shawls sold by Louis Vuitton, very useful tips indeed! And while we ladies all paid very close attention, and are without a doubt now all scarf-tying experts, we will be publishing a video soon with instructions on how to do it – just in case! Louis Vuitton 2Louis Vuitton“Louis Vuitton celebrates the beauty of women not only providing leather products, shoes and accessories to complement your lifestyle, but also looking for ways to accompany the use of these parts, offering style accessories so you can maximize your image to be sophisticated and elegant. For us it has been a great pleasure to share with our customers in Casa de Campo, we are here to assist you in your needs and concerns in all matters relating to the brand and we are proud to show you the most recent collections and show them how they can adapt them to their different lifestyles.” Claudia Lasso told Casa de Campo Living. The Louis Vuitton Styling Event is something that Louis Vuitton offers to it’s most treasured clients around the world, in order to share style tricks and secrets. The following collection of images were taken during the styling workshop at cocktail with Louis Vuitton hosted at the Casa de Campo villa of Idarmis Cucurullo: