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Last month my friend Acharat Victoria passed away. He may have been the most senior employee still working at Costasur. He and his late wife Tonita had 4 children; Yuri, Ali, Margi and Francisco and he lived in Vivero II in Casa de Campo, with his daughter and son in law (Ali and Campos de Moya) living across the street. 

Acharat Victoria with his daughters, Ali and Margi

He set the example of the finest Dominican character. A quite and gentle man. A true Renaissance man. An artist. His home filled with samples of his own paintings, even his office blackboard had beautiful chalk drawings. A Gardner. His back yard is a botanical garden with every variety of fruit trees, as well as orchids and many local flowering plants. Above his house are the works of a sophisticated weather station, another hobby.

On his porch a large celestial telescope for clear Dominican nights. He studied astronomy. His music tastes were varied and delightful. In his home the piano of Comilo or Enrique Chia were usually playing in the background. I have watched him dance, first with his wife Tonita untill she passed, then with his daughter Margi at the Victory Club ’till the wee hours, never tiring. He was an artist with the Merengue, smooth, precise, correct, graceful, and a mesmerizing joy to watch.

Yuri Victoria, Don Acharat Victoria and Michael Rosario

A perfect and gracious host. My wife and I enjoyed dinners at his house and nights out at his favorite restaurants; Lucas and Chinois (the owners and waiters always took special care of him). We enjoyed trips with him to Bayahibe for lunch at “the French Place” or “the Italian place”, and to the new Casino for a short turn at the tables. He always saw and generously introduced us to his friend or friends everywhere we went. He had many friends.

Acharat at the Chichigua fest in 2010

He was always anxious to meet our family and guests we had from the states. No-one ever left the country without a gift of remembrance from him. When our family doctor and children came to visit us he took great pleasure in introducing him to Doctor Lopéz and taking him a tour of the clinic in Central Roman and discussing the plans of the new clinic.

It was my good fortune to know Acharat and I will miss him.

Acharat with H.C in Altos de Chavón, Casa de Campo