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The Abraham Lincoln School recently welcomed its latest faculty members at a cocktail party at the La Caña Bar in Casa de Campo. Dr. Leonardo Matos, chairman of the school board, and Mr. Harry Magee, the esteemed headmaster of Abraham Lincoln School, graciously presided over the event, hosting the ten educators who have freshly joined the institution for this academic year.

The event, a longstanding tradition at the school, marked a memorable evening of camaraderie and celebration. Attendees were treated to a delightful spread of snacks and a diverse array of cocktails, elevating the overall atmosphere of the gathering.

Adding live music featuring spirited merengue and salsa performances injected extra excitement into the festivities, giving the new teachers a vibrant taste of Dominican culture and music.

This annual tradition offers new faculty members the chance to acquaint themselves with their peers and the school’s leadership and allows them to embrace the warmth of the local culture fully. It is a fitting introduction for educators embarking on a new career chapter at Abraham Lincoln School.

While mingling at La Caña, we had the privilege of meeting the new teachers, who exuded enthusiasm about connecting with their students, immersing themselves in the Casa de Campo experience, and embarking on a fresh journey under the Caribbean sun.

As these new teachers acclimate to their roles, the school community eagerly looks forward to discovering more about these fresh faces and their contributions to Abraham Lincoln School.

The Casa de Campo Living community welcomes all teachers and students, wishing them the best for the upcoming academic year.

Photos taken by Dibenchi de los Santos