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On Thursday the 11th of November, the new exhibit “AA” was inaugurated in the Altos de Chavón Art Gallery and has since then received much praise and attention! In this post I bring you photos of the exhibit, a little information about the 2 artists; Argenis Lebron and Alex Lumsden and hopefully give you a reason to go check out this exhibit if you haven’t already! The 2 presenting artists are Argenis Lebron and Alex Lumsden, this year’s ‘Artists in Residence’, who were also students of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design last year. The ‘Artists in Residence’ scheme is designed to be an education and cultural exchange between Dominican artists and foreign artists – so that during their time on the scheme they improve and develop their skills as artists by interacting and learning from other artists of a different cultural background. Argenis Lebron Argenis is a talented Dominican artist, originally from San Cristobal who’s interest in art began at a very early age, when he first began his art studies in el Liceo Musical Pablo Claudio followed by the La Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes de Santo Domingo after which he came to Altos de Chavón to study Bellas Artes/Ilustración and Diseño Grafico. Alex Lumsden Alex is a young Swiss artist, who first came to Altos de Chavón in 2008. Following 2 successful years of study here, he decided to continue his studies with the ‘Artists in Residence’ program and specialise in sculpture.  To read more about Alex, click here. Here you can enjoy Alex’s sculptures and sketches:

“It’s how you fall that counts”

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If you haven’t yet gone to see the exhibit – it’s worth having a look!

The Altos de Chavón art gallery is open everyday (except Tuesdays), 9am-6pm.