Vivero II 30

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In a previous issue of CasaLife magazine, we featured this Casa de Campo gem. An oasis among the trees, Vivero II-30 is a tranquil and breathtaking escape. Relax in its backyard for the true appreciation of Casa de Campo living…


Off in the quiet neighborhood of Vivero II sits a country-style home full of European charm and peaceful elegance. An artist home inside and out, the breath of creativity is felt in the warmth of the breeze. Admire the earth-toned façade and lush surroundings of the three-story property as you enter through thick wooden doors into a spacious area ideal for entertaining. Lofted ceilings heighten the amount of natural light that beams in through the villa’s wide windows and sliding doors to the adjacent outdoor terrace.

Vivero II 30

Plush sofa seating makes curling up for an afternoon tea and catnap with a light throw not only desired but inevitable. Time may in fact not exist in Vivero II – 30. It is certainly not measured. Enveloped in trees, the private home developed by architect Nazre Sansur is an oasis that welcomes the scene’s natural ambiance into its design. Bask in the sun from the corner pool or take in the shade under the cozy nook canopy, all the while hearing the rustle of interlacing leaves over a constant breeze.

Vivero II 30

Inside, find elements of a quintessential European home. Exposed wood beams, louver blinds, arched ceilings, and hand-carved wooden tables and bed frames make up the design. Climb the winding staircase to two bedrooms on the second floor that both include en-suite baths. Each room enjoys views of the large outdoor patio from their separate balconies. Rise another level to the master bedroom whose terrace is at the height of the treetops, and gaze at the surrounding pointed tile roofs in shades of brown and orange, classic of Casa de Campo’s signature architecture.

Just beyond the trees lies the vast Caribbean Sea, you may be able to catch a glimpse of it sparkling. If one did not know how close Vivero II – 30 is to Minitas Beach they might miss this sight. Centrally located the home is north of the main avenue and not a far distance from Altos de Chavón. Owned by international artist Fernando Varela and his wife, the villa currently showcases works by him whose prestigious collections can be found nearby in the Modern Art Museum of Santo Domingo. Creating a rhythmic flow inward from the sea, these pieces evoke thoughts of travel, journeys, and the blend of time.

Vivero II 30

With the villa’s ability to accommodate large families and visiting friends, its kitchen also provides ample counter space for preparing large meals. A grand dining table makes for a focal point in the first level’s open-floor plan, where no doubt local and international friends can be seen casually socializing well into the night. A villa that doubles for large parties as well as intimate gatherings, its grounds are well equipped for luncheons outside and soirées at dusk. Watch the children run around the backyard in the afternoons, scattering toys from end to end and filling the romantic setting with sounds of laughter.

Vivero II 30

In hues of amber and royal blue, the home exudes a feeling of tranquility, which Inge Demyttenaere, the home’s custodian, assures is an integral trait of the villa. Inge rents Vivero II-30 to guests looking for a treasure in Casa de Campo and is determined to find the right buyer who appreciates the harmony of rural and tropical living. Nestled in the trees, the most pleasing sound might be from the wind chimes that signal you are home.

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* Photos by Alfredo Esteban