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A wonderful cocktail for new art exhibit “Natividad: Santos de Palo” in Altos de Chavon!

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Last Friday the 19th of October, 2012, the Altos de Chavon art gallery celebrated the opening of the new art exhibit “Natividad: Santos de Palo de Bonao”, a wonderful event, attended by numerous Casa de Campo residents, visitors and hotel guests and the actual creators of these fabulous pieces- as well as numerous lovers of Dominican culture and art!

Starting with a dynamic and very different introduction to the rest of Altos de Chavon’s many art exhibits presented in the gallery, the inauguration event event for “Natividad: Santos de Palo de Bonao”, welcomed the many visitors with a nice video representing the esence of the “Santos de Palo”, as well as their creative process, the artists, and an overview of traditions and cultures of the Dominican Republic, and of course, the traditional “Nativity” story.

An ancestral tradition in the Dominican Republic, which goes back to the colonial times, the “Santos de Palo” – carved pieces of wood, represent an important aspect of the religious, social, artistic and cultural history of the Dominican Republic – each of them created with the aim (and with the help of the Falcondo Foundation) to rescue the important tradition of carving the “Santos de Palo”, as well as supporting the development of the market and increase the income of artists in the Monseñor Nouel! region.

The opening was attended by dozens of art enthusiasts who, apart from being delighted with these wonderful works of art, also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the artists and creators of these pieces.

In the midst of the magical build up to Christmas, many of these pieces were very attractive to those in attendance; one of the most popular ones being the one made by José Trinidad, named “Nacimiento entregado por la Mano Poderosa” (Nativity given by the Powerful Hand – photo below).

“Nacimiento entregado por la Mano Poderosa” by José Trinidad

Here we share a selection of photos taken during the opening cocktail of the art exhibit “Natividad: Santos de Palo de Bonao”, celebrated last Friday the 19th of October 2012: 

“Natividad: Santos de Palo de Bonao”

Where: Altos de Chavon Art Gallery

Open daily: 8am – 5pm (except for Tuesdays).

The new art exhibit “Natividad: Santos de Palo de Bonao” will be open until December the 12th!

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