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An eager and passionate group of New York-based MIR supporters have come together and formed a team to run in the upcoming NYC Marathon, on November 1st.

The MIR team captain is Dino La Capra, who approached MIR and requested to run the marathon to benefit the Fundacion MIR. The team are asking for donations of only $26.20 ($1 for each mile they will run in the race), and hope to raise over $2,000 in total. The money raised will be used to renovate the athletics department at the Fundacion MIR’s school for boys in La Romana.

Here is a letter from the MIR team captain himself:

Dear Friends,

I have wanted to run in the NYC marathon for many years and thankfully my health allows me do so. Realizing the fortunate position I am in, I have teamed with Fundación MIR to create TEAM MIR, a running team that runs for all those who dare to dream.

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Since 1990, Fundación MIR has served women and children of La Romana and the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic to earn an education and fight against HIV/AIDS in the community. You may ask why 
Fundación MIR and the Dominican Republic. I have developed a deep connection with the people of the Caribbean and Americas over the last decade. Having lived and traveled extensively to the region I have gained a greater appreciation for the many opportunities we have here in the United States that I want to help some of those on the outside have opportunities of their own.

I’m asking you to donate $1 for each mile of the 26.2 mile NYC Marathon that I will complete on November 1, 2009. The $26.20 is 100% tax deductible and 100% of the funds go to the continued efforts of Fundación MIR. Click on the DONATE NOW icon to pledge your support for myself & TEAM MIR

If you have any questions please email or call the MIR offices at or 561.366.5095. You may also contact me with any questions about TEAM MIR at

Thank you for your support, may we continue to run after our dreams!


Dino LaCapra
Team Captain