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torneo tenistorneo de tenisOn Saturday July 13th the 7th annual “Boleros y Jugadores” tennis tournament played at the La Terrazza Tennis Club in Casa de Campo ended with some surprise winners! Taking part in the tournament were more than 40 ball boys (boleros) and players… some becoming unexpected champions by beating the reigning champions! According to representatives of the La Terraza Tennis Club, this surprise success is thanks to their hard work and training. Also taking part in the tournament were one or two competitors from the Casa de Campo community.

The group of the all participant in the torunament  la terraza tenis club

For the ball boys (boleritos) of the La Terrazza Tennis Club, this tournament is very important, not only does it give them the chance to show off their skills, but also the opportunity to wi prizes and perhaps most importantly of all gain experience in tournaments – so that they may go on to compete successfully in other local Casa de Campo tournaments (such as the McDaniel Tournament) as well as national and even international tournaments – as was the case with Pedro Nolasco, who was selected to represent the Dominican Republic in the Davis Cup in 2012. The tournament is organized annually by generous Casa de Campo villa owner and member of the La Terraza Tennis Club, Leonardo Faure, whose aim in hosting the event is to encourage the youngsters to develop their game.

Leonardo Faure with 2 youngsters of the Casa de Campo community la terraza tenis club

The winners were awarded with trophies and RD$8,000 pesos for first place and RD$7,000 for the second place.
“Boleros & Jugadores” tennis tournament – Winners la terraza tenis club(Players) Jugadores

First place: Pedro Nolasco

Second place: Fernando Adames


First place: Alfredo Jhonson

Second place: Rayner Mejia

The following pictures were taken during the “Boleros y Jugadores” Tennis Tournament, held on Saturday the 13th of July at La Terraza Tennis Club in Casa de Campo: