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A superb summer night! An ocean view soiree to celebrate the end of the MIR Family Weekend

calixto garcia-velez dr jose lopez

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lian fanjul azqueta lyanne azquetaVery little else can rival a celebration that begins along a candlelit pathway through the sand, ending in a tent filled with Tiffany boxes and displays of glitteringly jewels. And so began the end of the Fundación MIR Family weekend – the dinner-gala celebrated at Minitas Beach on Saturday the 10th of August.

tiffany's jewelry

From 8pm, the more than 400 guests floated into the occasion, dressed in the most gorgeous array of evening wear, with yellow making a surprise appearance as a popular color, a choice which perhaps we can credit to the summertime.

Before the dinner got underway, ladies and gentleman were drawn like moths to a light to the Tiffany’s Mystery Box fundraiser, where Tiffany’s as one of the event’s main sponsors had over US$50,000 of jewelry and watches awaiting to be purchased in those mysteriously tempting blue boxes, which were completely sold out within the first few hours of the event… raising an additional more than US$20,000 for the cause!

calixto garcia-velez dr jose lopez

Getting everyone in the mood for dinner, music and dancing were another 2 of the event’s sponsors: Chivas Regal 18 and Ron Atlantico, popular drinks of  choice for the men and lady guests alike… and the perfect way to start a magical evening.

lian fanjul azquetaDuring dinner, both Lian Fanjul de Azqueta and Lyanne Azqueta took to the stage, and surrounded by pupils of the Fundación MIR Schools, thanked their guests with such warmth and passion, that there could be no doubt that these ladies and the cause they represent is making a big difference in the lives of the more than 1500 students currently being educated at the MIR schools… not to mention the countless others who, having graduated, have gone on to live successful lives. Among those whose life was turned around by the Fundación MIR was Juan Bernardo Rosario “Benny”, who in eloquent Spanish spoke of his experience at the Fundación MIR, and proudly announced that thanks to MIR and it’s innumerable supporters he has now successfully graduated as a medic.

“Over 450 people participated in some way during this year’s Family Weekend.  This shows how supportive and involved our community is – by working together we will continue to achieve great things.”  

— Lian Fanjul de Azqueta

“Benny” was then joined by Mistress of Ceremonies Pamela Sued to give out the prizes for the tennis tournament (click here for photos) played earlier the same day at the La Terraza tennis club and the golf tournament (click here for photos) played at the La Romana Country Club. Declared winners of the tennis tournament were Gonzalo Renedo, Maria Ginebra & Charlie Grande, while champions of the golf were Fidel Alonso, Jorge Diaz, Antonio Alma & Modesta Alma , with Rafael Zapata, Margarita Zapata, J. J. Suarez & Ginger Suarez finishing in second place.

Winners of the 2013 MIR Family golf tournament, Casa de Campo
modesta alma antonio alma golf

mignon belliniAnd as soon as the last bite of dinner (deliciously catered by Casa de Campo) was finished, the stage, as if by magic, become a concert set – with the appearance of a latin music band. And as the first notes of merengue floated through the air, Italians, Dominicans and Americans alike flooded to the dance floor.

And although all good things must come to an end… before heading home, guests were able to extend the party just a little more – with the after-party by DJ Gringo from Miami!

A marvellous night! Bravo for good times and good causes!

The following collection of images was taken during the Fundación MIR Family Weekend dinner-gala at Minitas Beach in Casa de Campo on Saturday the 10th of August:  

The following collection of photos were contributed by Chivas – thank you!  

The Fundación MIR Family Weekend glitters as the best event of the summer!

lian fanjul de azqueta

The Fundación MIR, this Saturday the 10th of August, treated more than 400 guests to a marvellous day of events and activities – starting with a tennis tournament at the La Terraza Tennis Club, followed by a golf tournament at the La Romana Country Club and closing with a magical dinner-dance at Minitas Beach.

Click here for photos and the full story!

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