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Last Saturday, April 17th, Casa de Campo Resort and Villas hosted an exciting “Cigar and Rum Night”, welcoming guests, residents, and visitors alike to enjoy selected Dominican hand-rolled cigars and premium rums along with live music at the open-air terrace and lounge area of La Caña restaurant in the main hotel. This event under the stars was the perfect opportunity to enjoy some rum, talk about the flavors and learn about some fantastic Cigar making and the perfect pairing for Rum. Friends and guests were able to enjoy the evening together safely while respecting the Casa Cares health and security protocols to guarantee the wellbeing of everyone in attendance. It should be noted that the Dominican Republic is known as the “cigar country” since there is a longstanding tradition of handmade cigars originating here.  The Dominican Republic has received unprecedented awards and accolades within the cigar industry for their quality, attention to detail, consistency, and creating several #1 rated cigars in the world. La Romana and Casa de Campo has the privilege of having the best premium cigar factory in the world, the Tabacalera de García. Throughout the night, the attendees enjoyed three cigars: Vegafina 1998, Monte by Montecristo, and Montecristo Platinum selected by Tabacalera Master Blenders, Pedro Ventura, and Javier Elmudesi.  These cigars were paired perfectly with Brugal Premium 1888 and Leyenda. “These liquors are the perfect complement for the cigars selected for the night thanks to their unique sweet notes,” explained Carlos Paulino, representative of the Brugal house.  “Currently, the culture of smoking cigars has been very popular. Even in times of pandemic, the demand has increased considerably,” states Javier Elmudesi. “This is due to the relaxation that cigars offer its consumers.” It was a night of exceptional cigars, rums, and camaraderie, accompanied by a live band that complemented the aromas of the night perfectly. The following photos were taken by Mairobi Herrera during the event at La Caña on Saturday, April 17th: