abraham lincol school maths olympics

This week a group of mathematically talented Abraham Lincoln pupils ventured out of school and into the wilderness of La Romana to take part in the first round of the Mathematics Olympics competition (las Olimpiadas Matematicas) which took place in the ‘Escuela Mercedes Laura Aguiar.’

The Mathematics Olmpics competition consists of a series of essentially very challenging maths exams, full of almost impossible maths puzzles, each exam lasts for a gruelling 3 hours. This Tuesday the 2nd of February and Wednesday the 3rd of February took place only the first round of this competition – following which the pupils will be awarded bronze, silver or gold certificates, depending on their performance.

Taking part in this year’s maths olympics competition was:

Livan Silvestre (5th grade)
Diego Frey (6th grade)
Maria Silvestri (6th grade)
Sebastian Rodriguez (6th grade)
Victoria Schnirpel(6th grade)
Lia Matos (7th grade)
Guillermo Garcia (7th grade)
Mariella Matar (8th grade)
Mayra Bueno (8th grade)
Liselotte Galvez (8th grade)
Eliana Alba (9th grade)
Johana Ditren (10th grade)
Freddy Genatios (10th grade)
Michael Santana (10th grade)
Sebastian Salat (10th grade)
Edgardo Lala (11th grade)
SilvanaTirado (11th grade)
Luis Suarez (11th grade)
Wendy Galvez (12th grade)
Xiomara Martinez (12th grade)

In the past Abraham Lincoln pupils have always been very sucessful in this competition, Silvana Tirado last year won the regional and national maths olyimpics competition and went on to represent the Dominican Republic in Ibero-American maths Olympics held in Mexico and the Central American and Caribbean Olympics held in Colombia.

We wish all this year’s candidates the very best of luck!!