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A full house at the Altos de Chavón amphitheatre: “A concert worthy of the great Ricardo Arjona”

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In the last couple of weeks, while I was looking back at the extensive list of concerts that have been celebrated during the last 30 years at the Altos de Chavon amphitheatre, it was a tremendous surprise NOT to see one of the most popular names of the music industry in Latin America – the artist that last Saturday the 8th of June 2013, entertained from beginning to the end, more than 5,000 fans while performing at this prestigious venue!

Those who recognize him as one of the most famous artists in Latin America, can probably imagine what actually happened on the night of the 8th of June in the Altos de Chavon amphitheatre. Speaking in terms of sales, and taking into account the more than 5,000 people that attended the completely sold out concert, this was undoubtedly a huge success… but when we consider the audience’s standing ovation and expectations, the charismatic artist succeeded our greatest expectations!

One of the first and greatest surprises of the evening was Eliacim’s perfomance – a talented young Dominican singer who – now that he has started his career in the music industry, had the opportunity to sing 5 songs to open the awaited spectacle.

After listening to exquisite songs like “Quiero”, “Un Día de Esos” and “Quisqueya la Bella” by Eliacim, the first notes played by the saxophone indicated the beginning of what would definitely be a wonderful performance. In the dark, not only did they, once again, motivate a great standing ovation among Arjona’s fans, but they also caused infinite curiosity. And it was at that moment when one of his multiple fans was heard commenting that this would be “a concert worthy of the great Ricardo Arjona”.

Next and before we even got a glimpse of Arjona himself, with the support of numerous special effects, lighting and music, a video was shown on the big screen, boasting many of the most memorable characters of the Latin American television as well as scenes of the everyday-life presented as part of “Metamorfosis News” TV show. Mesmerized by the many images that distilled much of the artist’s escence, even before appearing onstage, it was at the least expected moment, when Ricardo Arjona’s voice was finally heard, singing “Vida“… and a bizarre unidentified object soared over the audience.

The curiosity caused by this aerial camera sent the crowd springing to their feet once more as they thought it might be Arjona hovering at a distance, but it wasn’t until “Animal Nocturno”, one of his original songs, when the artist (accompanied only by his guitar), made his grand entrance to start the last show of his world tour “Metamorfosis”.

The Ricardo Arjona concert in Altos de Chavón

After the first couple of songs, Ricardo Arjona saluted his fans: “This night is a special night, because it is the last show of our tour. You may ask, why in Santo Domingo? I can answer with various reasons, the first one: because it is a country we like, the second reason is because it is a country we like and the third reason is because it is YOUR country! The fourth could probably be the most important one and it is mainly because, these eyes need to see the beautiful Dominican ladies walking by“.

But the show which was decorated with gigantic colorful lights, tricycles, tents and curtains that simulated a circus, still had many more surprises to reveal. In tune with Arjona’s colorful artists personality, many of them could only be defined as “spontaneous surprises”.

While singing his hit songs “Cuando”, “El Problema”, “Pingüinos en la cama”, “El Taxista”, “Te conozco” and “Fuiste Tú” (this last one interpreted by Dominican singer, Adalgisa Pantaleón) – some lucky fans had the opportunity to dance, hug and speak to the Guatemalan singer.

“Adopt Me” Ricardo Arjona! – Demonstrations of love for Ricardo Arjona

The show came to an end with one of his most popular songs “Mujeres” recorded on his third album in 1993 – a fabulous tribute to all the beautiful women in the world.

I must say I was impressed Arjona!! 😉 Hope to see you again sometime soon!

 PHOTO CREDIT: Main photos of Arjona were taken by Bryan de la Cruz – professional photographer.

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