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Over the long weekend from February the 25th to the 27th (celebrated for Dominican Independence Day), several events were celebrated in Casa de Campo; the “Carnaval de la Marina”, the extraordinary  “Adopt a crib” dinner for the Hogar del Niño at Xiomara Menéndez’s gorgeous Casa de Campo villa (photos and coverage coming soon) and the “Noche Sevillana” – the marvelous Paella and Flamenco Festival that took place at the La Casita restaurant in the Marina Casa de Campo on Sunday the 26th of February!

It was 7:30pm when many jolly guests made their way into La Casita restaurant located in the Paseo del Mar at the Marina Casa de Campo – which apart from having a spectacular view of the Marina, is the ideal spot for guests to enjoy a wonderful meal and celebrate special occasions – like the unique “Noche Sevillana” celebrated last Sunday the 26th of February, the third Paella and Flamenco Festival celebrated in La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo, serving a variety of exquisite “paellas”, to the rythms of an extraordinary Spanish show.

Despite the pouring rain that started shortly before the Flamenco performance, more than 80 Casa de Campo villa owners, residents, visitors and guests were thrilled with a variety of sea food, meat and sea food paellas, as they watched and danced along to the contagious rythms of the Flamenco show performed by three professional Flamenco dancers,as well as the talented Fatima Renedo Peral, a well known and loved member of Casa de Campo community who has been a dancer since she was very young.

Congratulations Julia and Fatima for such a wonderful dinner and show!

Fatima is giving Flamenco clases at the dancing centre “Pointé” in La Romana – click here for more information!

Flamenco dancing at La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo