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A family gathering – Haitian style!

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haitian_topA few weeks ago on Saturday the 6th of June we were invited to a dinner at the house of Ginette D’Adesky, in honour of her 7 children. Ginette is famous for her talent at throwing spectacular parties, the last one the Haitian Festival costume-party was one of the best nights of the year so far and this ‘dinner’ turned out to be just as thrilling!

The house looked stunning, the pool was lined with candles and the dining area beautifullydecorated in white and blue, with dainty blue and white roses as table pieces, and with all the guests dressed in matching blue and white outfits the scene looked magnificent and very sophisticated. As we arrived, Ginette diligently introduced us to every one of her 7 children, as well as their husbands and wives and children, and in some cases, their husbands and wives and even more children, I was more than a little overwhelmed! Fortunately, every one of her wonderful family members were extremely friendly and made us feel very welcome and with the help of a few classes of cocktail, one or two glasses of wine, and some scotch for the boys, the party soon got underway.

At some point in between the socialising and drinking, Ginette surprised her guests with a semi-naked dancing man who gyrated his way around the pool, breathing fire! The show then escalated into an extravaganza of dancing and fire-throwing, which was mesmorising and certainly got everyone’s pulses racing! Feeling a little dazed by the show, we all sat down to a lovely buffet-style dinner, during which Ginette’s children, know as child #1, child #2 etc gave a lovely series of speeches thanking her for the lovely get-together and of course for being their mother! Following the dinner, was a dancing group and live band, which got everyone up out of their seats and dancing around the pool to a crazy mix of latin and pop music!

The final surprise of the evening was the arrival of the infamous and DEADLY rum punch, which kept the party rocking long into the night and leads me to ask the question; how many people can you fit in a jacuzzi? Answer: 21 and a donkey!

What a night!

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