dominican wind orchestra

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dominican wind orchestraorquesta dominicana vientoOn Sunday May 26th, the Dominican Wind Orchestra closed the Festival de Primavera with a very original concert outside the St. Stanislaus Church in Altos de Chavón, where the Casa de Campo community – amongst them many children-  spent a great night, not only listening to incredible music but also interacting with the band. The Festival de Primavera was celebrated from Thursday May 23rd to Sunday May 26th in Altos de Chavón. Throughout the four day event -a full program of different activities showcased the best of Dominican art and culture- with Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and visitors enjoying concerts, dances, poetry and theater performed by talented children, youth and adults of the Dominican Republic.

 Moisés Abreu-(one of the orquestra’s founders) singing in Chavónmoise abreu

Some 50 youngsters, including children, surprised the audience with their talented performance outside of Altos de Chavón church, a melody of Dominican and foreign folk songs.

concierto en chavonThe concert became didactic thanks to the comical intervention of a cute clown named “clarita” who forced the conductor to explain the names of all the instruments that made up the orchestra, their classification and differences. An excellent “music class”, for children and adults alike! The public not only heard good music by the Dominican Wind Orchestra, but also learned a little more about each of the instruments that made up the orchestra- which was founded in 2009 and is currently headed by the Cuban Andrés Vidal. Also, some people in the audience had the wonderful opportunity to lead the band! Among those who tried was a man with two children.

The conductor of the orquestra with Moisés and Clarita concierto en chavon

One of the orchestra founder’s Moisés Abreu, who performed a beautiful song during the ceremony, said it had been a great experience to play in the prestigious Altos de Chavón.

The following pictures were taken during the Dominican Wind Orchestra concert in Altos de Chavón on Sunday the 26th of May at the closing of the Festival de Primavera.