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consuelo matosOn Wednesday March 20th 2013, the artistic village of Altos de Chavon was honored with a very pleasant visit – from the numerous, unique and glamorous ladies of the association of “Damas Diplomáticas” (diplomatic ladies association in the Dominican Republic), who as part of a guided tour got to know some of the most beautiful and culturally rich places in the Dominican Republic! shine altos de chavonImagine for a moment a place that is blessed with bright Caribbean sun, colourful Bouganvilleas and vibrant green gardens. Beautiful, isn’t it?  Well this was, precisely the scenario that awaited these wonderful ladies, amongst them including Rocio de Castillero, president of the association and wife of the Ambassador for Peru in the Dominican Republic as well as representatives from Canada, Brazil, the United States, Chile, and many other countries.

Not only greeted by nature with much enthusiasm, the group were also met by some beautiful members of the Casa de Campo community; Consuelo Matos and Yovanka Saladin who, as co-owners of “Shine” new concept store in Altos de Chavon, welcomed the ladies into Shine, their first “stop” in Altos de Chavon.

The beautiful Damas Diplomáticas at Shine in Altos de Chavón damas diplomaticas

In Shine, the distinguished guests enjoyed refreshing drinks, cupcakes and friendly conversations, as well as a tour around the facility which boasts a beauty salon component – for all your hair, nail and body needs – including the miracle LPG machine, as well as many great products for the home and even accessories, so after seeing all that it was no surprise it left the ladies marvelling over everything Shine has to offer! The tour continued with a brief visit to the Altos de Chavón Regional Archaeological Museum, where they were received by Yanet Castillo, from whom they learned the rich cultural heritage of the Dominican people. Including a visit to the discovery room,’ a purpose built room for children designed to represent Taino life and filled with a variety of learning tools.

In the “discovery room” at the Altos de Chavón museum altos de chavon museum

Later, the beautiful ladies had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant walk around the Altos de Chavón plaza – where they posed for many photos at Altos de Chavón’s numerous beauty spots including the dramatic “lookout” over the river Chavón!

Overlooking the Chavón river and the Dye Fore golf course altos de chavon

Before continuing their journey to Higüey, where they would visit the magnificient Basilica Cathedral, The Gallery was the final “stop” in Altos de Chavón, which then showing the “Art Chavón 2013” exhibition, was a perfect opportunity to learn about the aspiring artists of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design. We hope you enjoyed your time in our very own little piece of paradise and we hope to see you soon! Below we share a collection of photos taken during the ladies’ visit to Altos de Chavón on Wednesday the 20th of March 2013:    
damas diplomaticasAbout the Asociación de Damas Diplomáticas The Asociación de Damas Diplomáticas in the Dominican Republic was founded more than fifty years ago and consists of the spouses of diplomats accredited to the country, distinguished ladies who with Dominicans, and with the cooperation of various sectors of Dominican society, contribute to the improvement of education of the most vulnerable children in this country – la “Niñez Dominicana”. The current board is chaired by Mrs. Rocio de Castillero, wife of the Ambassador of Panama in the Dominican Republic with the Ana Lopez, Lorna de Lama and Miyuki Seki acting as vice presidents.
A fundraising cocktail at Cartier Santo Domingo with the association of “Damas Diplomáticas”

cartier santo domingoOn Tuesday the 2nd of October, 2012, the Cartier boutique in Santo Domingo welcomed the Asociación de Damas Diplomáticas (diplomatic ladies association in the Dominican Republic) for a fundraising cocktail in aid of the “Niñez Dominicana” – children in need all across the country.

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