Here’s the thing, I simply cannot wait anymore. I do not believe that there is a single place that I personally have been anticipating more than Melissa’s Pastry Boutique, for the simple fact that the concept will be a first in Altos de Chavon, the Marina – all of Casa de Campo in fact. And one whose time has defiantly arrived.

First off, let me just say that contrary to what you may believe, I do not in fact have a sweet tooth. Rather, I have a tremendous craving for a place that I can go in the mornings and get the following:

 – A good / fresh croissant
 – A good cup of coffee, italian or Dominican
 – Good service
 – Peace and quiet
 – WiFi

Don’t get me wrong, there are pleanty of places where one can go to tool around on the internet while having a bit or a drink, Block & Barrel for example is also a great place – but in the mornings, there is nothing like a nice fresh croissant and a cup of joe. So here I am day dreaming about these things – anticipating the grand opening of Melissa’s Pastry Boutique next week…. I hope.

Of course, a nice gourmet sandwich, on fresh bread and croissants is also welcome as a light and healthy option for lunch!  Some of the items I’ve heard about so far seem just too good to be true!
In the meantime, if I really want this experience I guess there is always Trigo de Oro in town…. but its just so far… and I’m far too lazy. Please Melissa – open up soon! Or at least tease us with some tastings!