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A cocktail to celebrate the re-opening of the “Casa Chavón” in Santo Domingo!

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dominique bluhdornOn Thursday February the 21st of 2013, a wonderful inauguration ceremony was celebrated at the “Casa Chavón” the base of the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design in Santo Domingo. A warm gathering of artists, Creative Directors from some of the most important advertising agencies in Santo Domingo, students, teachers, friends and family.

bustDominique Bluhdorn, President of the Altos de Chavon Cultural Center Foundation explained that following the remodeling of the “Casa Chavón”, the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design facilities in Santo Domingo, the center now offers a completely redesigned space that includes six classrooms, a photography studio and two computer labs. Along with an expanded adolescent and adult educational program that includes short courses in areas such as Photography, Interior Design, Writing, Film Studies, Digital Design, Fine Arts, Illustration, Graphic Design and Fashion, as well as Creative Workshops for young children that will begin in April.

“There is really something for everyone at the School of Design, the student simply needs to bring a passion to learn and a curiosity to acquire a new set of skills–maybe in an area that they have always dreamed of pursuing and have never had the opportunity.”

— Dominique Bluhdorn, President of the Altos de Chavon Cultural Center Foundation

At the re-opening cocktail, the “Casa Chavón” literally opened all its doors so guests could walk through each of the new classrooms and studios. And so we did! Let the tour begin!

The Art Gallery at the “Casa Chavón” in Santo Domingo

The Art Gallery at Casa Chavón was filled with student art work  welcoming all the guests while the Drawing Classroom was coming to life as many students from Altos de Chavón (La Romana) arrived to Casa Chavón along with teacher Mark Lineweaver to show us how a real drawing class is done!

Drawing classroom at the “Casa Chavón” in Santo Domingo

After the (impressive) drawing performance was done, we went into the Digital Design room and the Photo Studio.

Digital Design Classroom  at the “Casa Chavón” in Santo Domingo

Photo Studio at the “Casa Chavón” in Santo Domingo

The evening was, without a doubt, unforgettable. The spirit of The Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design students and teachers is contagious.

Teachers at the Altos de Chavón School: Raul, Matilde and Laura

sculptureWe shared words with Raúl Miyar (Head of the Fine Arts department and teacher for more than 10 years), Matilde Capitán (advertising and creativity teacher), Laura Guerrero (Fashion Design teacher) and even though not all of the Altos de Chavón (La Romana) students were there, their art work made a huge impression on us, such as the sculptures (pictured right) of Jonathan Sánchez Figuereo, Fine Arts student at the Altos de Chavón School of Art and Design.

All the guests were treated, not only with good company and good background jazzy music, but also glasses of wine which we used to make a toast wishing Casa de Chavón and their students a wonderful future! Cheers!

altos de chavon art

The following pictures were taking at the Casa Chavón Opening Ceremony, February the 21st 2013:  

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