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This past Thursday December 13th 2012, distinguished artist Fernando Varela celebrated the opening of his new exhibition “Fernando Varela Recent Works – Paintings/Drawings” at Paseo del Mar #7 at La Marina, Casa de Campo with the support of Silgon Inc. with Casa de Campo Living and Chivas Regal 18. To understand a painting you have to see it with your own eyes. Each painting talks to each person differently; it is your own understanding that gives it its true value. The room was subtle and peaceful, all around the paintings decorated the white walls, with its ocean and earth tones. This mixture combined both the beauty of the great outdoors and the magnificent waters of the Caribbean. Through his art, Varela was able to take us on a journey to a “utopic” place, where colors, feelings and movement fit together in perfect harmony.

Inge Demyttenaere, Alice Caslini and Jesmin Botello

The exhibit, a mixture of Varela’s most recent works (hence the name) features pieces from 3 collections; Origins, Primary Forms and Caribbean Series. The following images show some of the pieces on display:  

The night could not have been more perfect; a magnificent starry night and a cool breeze accompanied the large turnout, which included Casa de Campo residents and visitors – all art enthusiasts, many already proud owners of their own Varela. The crowds not only had the opportunity to mingle amongst themselves, but also enjoyed over a glass of Chivas Regal 18 on the rocks, the exhibition and a chance to meet the artist, Fernando Varela – who in his passionate and friendly manner led his admirers from painting to painting revealing his own personal insight. Fernando Varela, originally from Uruguay, has been living in the Dominican Republic since 1975. Varela is most famous for his contemporary paintings with aboriginal symbols in both subdued black, brown and cream shades, as well as more tropical tones of blue, pink and orange. Varela seeks perfection in his paintings, lines and asymmetry. He encourages the art fanatics to not only look at the canvasses but to try to understand the drawing and its actual meaning; to protect human kind, mother nature and endangered species. With his wonderful art, Varela is able to engage his audience and transport them to his own version of what the world is like.
“This exhibit of my most recent works is a way to bring myself closer to all my friends and clients, who during so many years supported us in our contemporary art gallery Galeria Varelli in the Marina Casa de Campo. Now we are open for this season and we will also host a number of talks about contemporary art.”

— Fernando Varela

Elianne Bruhim, Monica Varela and Moises de Moya

The following collection of photos were taken during the opening of Fernando Varela: Recent Works – Paintings/Drawings on Thursday evening December 13th 2012 at the Marina Casa de Campo: [nggallery id=1465]
Fernando Varela: Recent Works – Paintings/Drawings Open until February 28th 2013 Open daily: • Monday – Friday, 2pm – 8pm • Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 8pm Where: Paseo del Mar #7, Marina Casa de Campo Contacts:  • Fernando:(809) 862-6133 • Rosario: (829) 343-5301 • Xiomara: (809) 486-1650