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A Christmas message from Fundación Lirio del Valle

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The Fundación Lirio del Valle is a charity project which was started over ten years ago and has worked hard to improve the lives of many poor children in La Romana. The foundation was founded by Anna Maria Pla and Rosario Volquez, who, with a mixed group of Dominican and Spanish volunteers, began working to help the children from Villa Caoba, one of La Romana’s poorest areas.

Anna Maria, originally from Barcelona, sought the support of partners, volunteers, and sponsors in the Dominican Republic and Spain (which includes the association of “Associació Amics de Villa Caoba”) to provide educational and recreational activities for the children of Villa Caoba, one of La Romana’s poorest communities. 

Picture from a past Christmas event

A number of these children have been sponsored by kind donors, who pay a monthly fee to provide meals, after-school help, and recreational activities as well as school equipment, schooling, and a school uniform.  All sponsors are welcome to visit and form a bond with their sponsored child. MANY of the children are not yet sponsored – if you would like to sponsor a child or just make a donation please contact Anna Maria Pla, Eva Uckert, Dolly Molinari de Esteban, or Inge Demyttenaere. 

A small contribution goes a long way to helping the foundation’s efforts, which include:


  • 120 children enrolled in the Fundación Lirio del Valle program
  • 75 children under the sponsorship program (We need more sponsors!)
  • Coordination of activities, games, and meals for the children
  • Provide clothes and meals to the families of the children
  • Aim to educate them on personal hygiene
  • Teach them to sing, play, and to learn to cope with challenges
  • Teach moral and ethical values (such as sharing, respect toward others, and other social skills)
  • Appointments for de-worming on a frequent basis with volunteer doctors of La Romana
  • Educational workshops for mothers on values and hygiene
  • Volunteers visit every Saturday and assist with meals and activities
  • Coordination of volunteers from Spain

This Christmas season they would like to share the following letter with the community in hopes of motivating more people to help them in their mission.

Christmas is almost here.

Although this year and due to COVID-19 we have not been able to get together and eat paella togther at Mrs. Inge’s house, we continue to be there helping our families and our children with school supplies, notebooks so they can follow their classes on the various Tv. channels and food packs for families.

From the Lirio del Valle Foundation we encourage you to help us make Christmas more joyful and happy for the families of Villacaoba with an extra donation.

We wish to be able to offer our children a bit of happiness and joy during the Christmas holiday, giving them food for the family and some toys for the children of our Foundation.

We hope you can help us meet our goals and make your dream come true.

We invite you to see our website: and our facebook: amigos de villacaoba where you can see photographs of the renovations we carried out in our field where we gather the children every Saturday to offer them a lunch and tutoring classes taught by the generosity of our volunteers.

This renovation is very important for us since it has been carried out thanks to the generosity and good hearts of some people who have voluntarily taken charge together with their engineer to carry them out, it has served to greatly improve the conditions in which classes are taught to our children.

Mr. Esteban and Mrs. Dolly were in charge of delivering a plaque of appreciation for his voluntary work to the Engineer Mr. Puello, as well as when they arrive in our country to the people who have voluntarily made the construction.

Thank you, thank you with all our hearts for that generosity, may God enlighten you and bless your path, our children will pray for them.

You can contact Mrs. Eva Uckert, Mrs. Dolly Molinari de Esteban tel, and Mrs. Inge Demyttenaere, all of them can inform you about our Foundation (contact numbers below)

Below you will find a few images of the reconstruction of the field.

Now our priority is to be able to deliver food and school supplies and a toy to families and children for the Christmas holidays. Can you help us?

– Anna María Pla, President Amigos de Villa Caoba


Fundación Lirio del Valle LogoThe Fundacion Lirios del Valle aims to educate the children of Villa Caoba, provide them with clothing, food, school supplies, and toys. The foundation currently has 120 girls and boys enrolled in its program. A number of these children have been sponsored by kind donors, who pay between USD$29 and USD$43 a month to provide meals, after-school assistance, and recreational activities as well as school equipment, instruction, and uniform.


Anna Maria Plà Pujal, Founder whatsapp +34610832610

Dolly Esteban: (809) 523-8354

Evangelina Uckert: (809) 523-8015

Inge Demyttenaere (809) 523-2138

Banco Popular Dominicano transfer: account payable to the Fundacion Lirio del Valle RNC 430104337

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Amigos de villa Caoba

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