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A beautiful poetry reading from Jose Lopez

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On Monday the 28th of March, Patricia and Gustavo Cisneros invited special guests from the Casa de Campo and La Romana community to an event in honor of Jose F. Lopez Larache with a poetry reading from Lopez’s new book ‘Las Garzas del Batey No Tienen Apellido.’

Beginning with a cocktail on the lawn and patio overlooking the ocean at one of the Cisneros’ Casa de Campo villas, the evenings special guests were able to enjoy a stunning sunset before the poetry reading began. In a speech about both the new book, the poetry and Jose Lopez, enlaced with extracts of enchanting poetry, Padre Víctor Garcia and host Gustavo Cisneros introduced the guests to Jose’s poetic side and  led us into his magical world of words. Taking the microphone himself, Jose continued this speech with a passion, which transformed him into another man, allowing us with his beautiful words, to soar away alongside the ‘garzas.’

About José Federico López Larache
Born in 1955, he is both a medic and a poet, but to the members of the Casa de Campo and La Romana community he is probably best known as ‘Dr. Lopez’ the Director of the Central Romana Hospital. As a poet, ‘Las Garzas del Batey No Tienen Apellido’ is the 3rd book he has had published, his first being ‘Poemas para un olvido’, published in 2006, followed by ‘Ruptura del silencio & Poemas para un olivdo’ published in 2008.

Las garzas del batey no tienen apellido
Lopez’s latest book, for which this poetry reading took place ”Las Garzas del Batey No Tienen Apellido’ was published in October 2010. The title literally translated means ‘The herons of the batey do not have surnames,’ which sadly doesn’t make much sense in English and such is the complex nature of poetry and my limited Spanish-English translating ability I cannot find a better way to translate it.

Following the reading the event continued in the twilight as guests were invited to enjoy more cocktails and some light ‘picaderas.’

Here are my photos from this lovely evening:

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