Altos de Chavon

A beautiful day in Altos de Chavón

altos de chavon

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altos de chavonAs someone who lives and works in Altos de Chavón, I am in general a bit “blasé” about the beautiful view over the Chavón river, the charming cobbled pathways and the unusually mystical architecture – but one day last week as I strolled across the Plaza Chavón I was so struck by the beauty of the day, that I started snapping photos! So although you’ve probably seen this view before (and similar photos) I feel that on this particular day Altos de Chavón (and the view) has never looked more beautiful. I hope you agree!

I really don’t know too much about photography so although I would love to start talking about lighting, composition, shutter speed and exposure – the reality is that I took the following photos using the “auto” setting on my Canon G12 (which is fantastic!)

The first few photos were taken during the day…..

Altos de Chavón and the blue mountains
altos de chavon

An iconic cross in Altos de Chavón and the remarkable view! 
altos de chavon

Later that day, as I was leaving the office I couldn’t help but take a few more photos as the sunset. Sadly from Altos de Chavón you cannot actually see the sunset, but on this particular evening the setting sun lit up the entire sky with a beautiful pink-orange glow…..

Altos de Chavón and the Dye Fore at sunset
altos de chavon

Even as we drove home, it was so beautiful I kept taking more photos….

The new practice range at the Dye Fore
altos de chavon

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