Altos de Chavon
Altos de Chavon

Here in the Dominican Republic, “Labor Day” is officially celebrated every year on May 1st, however this year the celebration was moved to today Monday May 4th so that everyone can enjoy a nice long weekend!

Labor Day, a national holiday also celebrated in many countries around the world (including in England where we call it “May Day”), it’s a day to celebrate and thank all those workers out there!

So today we take this opportunity to wish every happy labor day and because our office is located in Altos de Chavón we thought it’d be fun to give you our top 9 reasons why working in Altos de Chavón is awesome!

1. The View

What better view than that of the Chavón river to enjoy when you’re on lunchbreak!?

[See above photo by @joannabehar on Instagram]

2. Lunch

Packed lunch? Lunch in an office canteen? Not here in Altos de Chavón! Here in Altos de Chavón we have some of Casa de Campo’s finest restaurants to choose from! For us at the SILGON office our favorite lunchtime spots are La Cantina and FRESH FRESH, they both do a great meal of the day!

Lunchtime in Altos de Chavon with Pancho!

3. Art

Everywhere you go, and everywhere you look in Altos de Chavón there’s art. From the beautiful architecture of the buildings to the art gallery, what place could be more inspiring than Altos de Chavón the village is literally ART!?

4. Walkies!

Sometimes you need a break from work and here in Altos de Chavón there are lots of places to take a quick stroll. Walkies through the gardens is great for clearing your mind and helping you feel refreshed.

Strolling through Altos de Chavon by @nessiet  

5. Shopping

Of course we’re working… but during lunchtime or even afterwork, the shops of Altos de Chavón are fun for a stroll and a bit of window shopping.

6. #weworkwhereyouvacation

You’ve heard the phrase #welivewhereyouvacation, well here in Altos de Chavón #weworkwhereyouvacation which isn’t quiet as cool, but it’s pretty awesome all the same!

7. Weddings!

We love getting a sneak peak at wedding photo shoots, as well as actual weddings unfolding right on our doorstep.

Wedding in Altos de Chavon by @grodesigns

8. Margarito!

Where else do you get to hang out with a tropical donkey everyday?

Fun with Margarito by @tiarasantini

9. We have a really great team (and super cute visitors!)